Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twitter Tuesday: Q & A with Frankie Negron Nichelle

For some reason, whenever I’m in the shower, I come up with some pretty kick ass ideas. My idea for a restaurant that serves pancakes & cocktails called Cakes & Cocks, warming Summer’s Eve douche, and caramel peanut butter banana pudding have all stemmed from shower-time. So one day about a month ago, I was thinking of ideas for Twitter Tuesday when it hit me! I could do a twinterview with salsa sensation Frankie Negron!!

Here at Fish And Spaghetti, the music subject is always hip hop, but we’re pretty open-minded. What better way to introduce another genre to current Fish And Spaghetti readers AND introduce some salsa fans to Fish And Spaghetti? If anyone keeps up with Frankie Negron through Myspace, Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know that he’s very down to earth and fan friendly. I found this out a few years ago when I won a contest through his fan club and was able to speak with him over the phone for a few hours. I recently had the opportunity to meet him after one of his amazing shows in NYC last week.

(oh hello NightFall914 lol)

Anyway, my shower-time idea was to do a twinterview with Frankie Negron and post it for this week’s Twitter Tuesday…which happened to be the same day as the release of his new album. Perfect, right? So I hit Frankie up and asked him if it would be okay. I know he’s been super busy with promotion for the album, interviews, concerts, and all that good stuff so I told him it would be perfectly okay if he couldn’t do the twinterview. He excitedly agreed to it.

I’ve never interviewed anyone so I was kinda nervous. What questions should I ask? Should I ask random/personal questions? Should I make it about his life as a singer? Should I make the questions about his new album? What if I asked questions that have already been ask!? UGH!!! I was pulling my weave hair out trying to figure out how to approach this. I finally decided to just start shooting the questions out one at a time. He answered the first question, kinda sorta answered the 2nd question and then that was it.

I waited…nothing. Waited some more…nothing. Finally, I cut my losses and scrambled for another topic, but my mind was blank. Frankie’s a sweet guy, and I’m sure he has a lot on his plate right now. Surely he didn’t know that backing out of the interview would drive me to drinking and make me drop out of college…y’know because if I can’t even successfully interview someone, WHY am I even studying journalism?

Less than 12 hours before my Twitter Tuesday piece had to be submitted, I hopped in the shower to wash the stench of horrible journalist off of me.

when ANOTHER IDEA HIT ME! Why not get my followers together and have them interview ME? How disgustingly self absorbed! It was classic!

I reached out to my followers and they didn’t let me down! Here are their questions:

@Tierra226 How many siblings do you have?

There are 6 of us…3 boys and 3 girls like the Brady Bunch.

@Tierra226 Why did you move to Baltimore?

Moving here was never by choice. The first time I moved here, it was because my mom left my dad and she was hiding out here. The second time I moved here, it was because I couldn't survive on my pay as a Port Authority call girl.

@Tierra226 When did your breast get really big?

I was born with giant tits! SEE?

I had a crush on this guy who was ALWAYS hanging out with this big tittied chick. I was jealous so I stuffed my bra to be like her. About 2 weeks later, my tits just started growing. I also found out the chick was his sister. FML.

@Tierra226 Have you ever cheated on anyone?

Never! wait, define CHEATING? Does ass fucking count??

@Tierra226 Did you ever have a gay experience?

I've had sex with an individual who liked men :)

@Tierra226 When was the last time you had a fight?

I have arguments every day. I’m my mother’s child and she’s definitely an argumentative bitch...add in the fact that I'm extremely sensitive and it becomes a serious problem. I have high expectations of others and when they don't meet those expectations, I get cut throat. As far as fist fights go, ummm wow it was probably with my older sister many many years ago. I'm bigger than her, but I'm still scared of her...even with her timid deer-like personality.

@Tierra226 What are you scared of?

Cars. It’s a horrible phobia. It’s so bad that when I walk pass parked cars, they appear to be moving toward me. I've been in many accidents. When I was a kid, my step dad had a car with no floors on some Flintstones shit. One day while we were driving, the car caught on fire. He thought it was a good idea to throw leaves on the fire. I had my teeth knocked out in an accident. A taxi cab backed up and hit me once. I also had a van turn without using a signal and run into me. The van literally bounced off of my left titty and I wasn't harmed. True story.

@PhillyREDMAN ok.. Umm.. Frankie What inspires u to be so amazing!???

*BLUSH* Compliments like that…and well, my mother was Mother Theresa and my father is Santa Claus so obviously their spawn is pretty amazing. You're so beautiful for asking this question. Marry me!

@DivaProcessor Where does that temper come from?

It's a mixture of my lack of sex and heavy caffeine intake. I'm not a very calm and patient person. I have Brooklyn running through my veins. I'm an innocent kitten compared to the women in BK though. I just think all of my emotions are set higher than normal.

@Tierra226 Have you ever stole anything?

I have! I’m afraid to elaborate. This is so bad, but Eddie Bauer provided my entire fall/winter wardrobe in 2006.

@Tierra226 Have you lied about something big and got away with it?

Yes, I’m really a man.

@Tierra226 What was your most happiest time?

The summer of 2005 was a very beautiful time in my life. I was young and working at Boston Market...coming home smelling like raw chicken! It was disgusting. I quit my job, took out a mega loan and went on tour with Marc Anthony.

@Tierra226 What is something you always wanted to do, but never done?

I've never been hypnotized. I'd love to, but I'm afraid all of my dirty little secrets would come out.

@electrodreams From where does your love for Salsa music stem..?

My parents were raised in New York where everything is so diverse. They both love salsa. My mom was born in Spanish Harlem and my uncles grew up in the Bronx so our family has always been surrounded by Latin music. Growing up, we always had all kinds of music playing in the house, but salsa is definitely the one that I was most attached to. My uncle is a percussionist and when I was younger, he'd take me out to the park with the jibaros and we'd play along to all the classics. I think that's where my love for congueros came from too.

@LERONSLUMZFINES What do ya do when ya B$t!! is untrue? do you cut the hooka off and find someone new?

"memba when u said u would die for me? shiiieet all of that was just lies to me...mutha fucka shoulda never said bye to me, now u cry for me, like Jodeci"....that was my jammmmmm! I don't even like rap music, but I love Biggie!!

@Newilli How did u end up in Baltimore? Native or transplant?

TRANSPLANT! I really don't like Baltimore, and my problem is that I compare it to NYC instead of taking it for what it is. Baltimore is okay. good seafood and everybody knows everybody...I guess that can be a good thing or bad thing. I never miss Baltimore until I'm away for a long time. Nobody makes a half & half like the carry-outs here. For the non-Baltimoreans, a half & half is half lemonade/half iced tea. Some classy folks call it an Arnold Palmer, but it's more like a Tiger Woods!
I've been seeing something new lately. My best friend named it Third & Third....peach, lemonade, and tea...and then I started seeing spots with other flavors to mix in with tea: grape, watermelon, blueberry, strawberry.

@iamfriedsushi Um...ok. What is your greatest accomplishment ever?

I made rice-a-roni 2 weeks ago and I didn't burn it! I'm a great cook, but I was never able to perfect rice-a-roni. Like, what's the deal with frying the rice before adding water?

@ATLRedd here's a question; so if i were 2 suck on ur titties, which one would be the best 2 start with? left? right? left? hmm...?

baby, are you sure you'd know what to do with all this? The right one is usually the one I whip out first.

@kevinclamato Um, hmmm.....did you #tunasub last night?

YES! I tunasub'd three times! I have to or I won't be able to fall asleep. I also have to do it in the morning for energy to get out of bed. For those who don't know what a TUNASUB is, read it backwards.

@SBJames is it okay to have multiple #tunasub everyday of the week? Does it cause any longterm damage?

I hope it doesn't cause damage because I have tunasubs at least 5 times a day!


I love Wendy Williams so much! I always have and I'm glad she's coming back into popularity because I plan on dressing up as her this year for Halloween. I definitely have the breasts, wigs and personality. My issue is that she has lost so much weight so I'll have to wear a mega faja to suck in all my fat rolls!

@supertrav3000 why do you have so many cats?

I only have 2 cats, but you're right...it's 2 too many! I hate my cats so much. The youngest cat is kinda like My Sister's Keeper. I only got him to keep the older cat company because she's so whiny/needy. I guess I'm prepping for my role as crazy cat lady.

@NavohnJayms How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

I suppose he'd chuck as much wood as he desired providing there was as much wood as he desires.

@Newilli did u fall outta the chair in that latest prof pic, cuz u lookin like that hand mighta held a few drinks before it!

I did! I have horrible balance when sober so imagine me after a few drinks? This picture was taken at The View Bar...BEST pineapple martinis in Manhattan!

@celebrityhood Can you be my Suga Mama?

honey, we're in a recession. This Suga Mama would only be able to buy you a bus pass, a lunch special from the Chinese carry-out, and some Wet & Wild lip gloss.

@CireNavot Why is it okay to still have sex when a female is on her menstrual? Do sex toys really bring excitement to a couple's sex life?

1) EW! That's NEVER okay...EVER!! There are a lot of things I do as an adult that I turned my nose up to as a child, but I don't think I'll ever want sex enough to have it while my cooch is spewing blood! I don't even want to be around myself when I'm menstruating, let alone a man.

2) I love sex toys and I've never had a guy tell me he'd feel uncomfortable using them with me. Why not? it's fun!

@udontknowstevo Soo... you can't be from Bmore I think via previous convos.. so where are you from?

@DarknStormyD how can I get a dude to bend over & let me take him from behind?!?!?!

you'd be amazed at how easy it is to get a guy to do that. If you can convince him that he's not gay because of it, you're more than halfway there. I can usually tell after a few conversations over drinks what a guy is willing to do and how far he's willing to go.

@PhillyREDMAN ok... So Which Titty is ur favorite?? Left or Right?

I love Sasha (left) and Cupcake (right) equally. you're welcome to try them out and choose your favorite. NOTE: that offer is only welcome to Dirk!

@DivaProcessor if you were feeling this guy before u even see him & when you finally get his ass in your bed, you're kissing and he gets u all hot and then he go to enter in your spot and you're like come on baby..and he like I am in baby and he cums with you sitting there still waiting for at least a nudge from the tip, what would be your response to him?

GIRLLLLLLLL! That's what men have knees for! 98% of my partners have needed magnums, BUT the best sex I've ever had was with a small dude. it's all about the motion in the ocean and if he doesn't have what it takes, make him get on those knees and PRAY!

@transitstanzas If you weren’t working your 9-5, what would you rather be doing that would still be a career but just an ideal one…..without the state bullshit?

I remember reading an interview by Marc Anthony where he said when he first started singing, he'd wake up and not know what country he was in. I get off on that type of confusion and instability, and really any job that allowed me to do that and not be chained to an offce desk for 8 hours a day would be nice. I'd scrub toilets for that lifestyle. I don't want to settle...ever.

@NavohnJayms What color was ur 1st bra?

it was a white training bra with different color polka dots on it. My mom got it at the Lot Store that used to be on Park Heights Avenue. OH GOODNESS!

@electrodreams Did you grow up as an extroverted/opinionated person or is that something that developed over time or due to life events?

My mom used to prep me before leaving the house because she knew I was famous for being extremely blunt. She would give me the side eye if I even thought about saying ANYTHING in public. People thought I was deaf because I never talked. I wasn't allowed to, but when mom wasn't around, all bets were off. I'm actually very shy, but I do speak my mind. I hate being censored, but even now when I'm with my mom, I'll look at her for permission to speak.

@coderster Is music allowed in Islam?

Interesting question. I don't know. They lost my interest when I found out they don't eat fried pork chop sandwiches o_O

@NavohnJayms Would you date an Ex-gay?!

There's no such thing as an EX-gay, honey bunny.

@droopyd3000 Ummm... Wht's ur favorite color???

GREEEEEEEN! I've loved green since I was a baby. I remember crying and refusing to brush my teeth because my mom got me a purple tooth brush instead of a green one.

@NavohnJayms Do you believe bulimia is a good diet?

Compared to anorexia, hell yea! There's no way I'm gonna give up eating good food, but I will gag myself to fit into a smaller dress.

@coderster What tabs do you normally have open in your browser?

aol mail, Twitter, rude.com(do NOT click - NSFW), and gmail

@antikrisp how did you get ur job w/the gov't?

let's just say I have carpet burn scars, but I got the job!

@antikrisp who would win in a fight.. frankie [negron] or marc [anthony]? ... no weapons.. fists only!

Marc I have no idea, but I'd pay money to see it!

@thisiskellyyo How about: have you ever been in love? *batting eye lashes*

yes and I'd rather get finger fucked by Edward Scissorhands than experience "love" again

@yaasypants What's your favorite place to be in NYC and why?

Anywhere in Manhattan. I remember one day coming out of the Port Authority and turning the corner to see the New York Times building with the words on the blinds: NEW YORK TIMES. It was breath taking. I love the Chelsea area. In Chelsea, I don't have to worry about strange men trying to fuck me!

@pinkyringscale what would you do for someone else if you had one million dollars to do it with?

I'd convince them to give it to ME! what the hell? who spends one million on someone else? I'm selfish! I'd buy a life time supply of cheese burgers before giving someone else my money.

@stinkiepinkie If you could be reincarnated as an animal...which animal would you choose to be and why?

I'd be a bird. As a bird, I'd go around shitting on people who pissed me off in my past life.

@JuniPerez Some women say the rabbit vibe is overrated & owes its success mainly to smart pitches on Sex & the City. What's your take?

The only sex toy ideas I ever got from Sex in the City was the electric toothbrush. I have a rabbit. it's nothing to write home about. I could live without the 7 functions *shrugs*

@dawholedamnshow where did your name come from?

My mom was told she'd be having a boy when she was pregnant with me. When they announced that I was a girl, she freaked out. She named me Frankie Jr. My God mother was horrified and came to the hospital to change my name to something girly. My God mother (god bless her stupid heart) named me after the tranny that Teddy Pendergrass was in a car accident with in 1982 (google the name) and my middle name came from Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek)...

so for the past year I've been in the process of having my name legally changed back to my dad's name because I will not be named after Teddy Pendergrass's tranny hooker.

There you have it!


  1. OK....truthfully I scrolled passed the entire convo/interview to post a digital LMAO!!!!! @ Frankie shouting my out on that Titty Pic.

  2. Excellent answers Frankie. .and I agree I have had the Best Sex from a small guy also..its about how well you work with you got.I even fell in love with him...Nice blog as always Girl.....Divaprcessot

  3. hahaha very good!!

  4. ....ok. Went back over the interview.Another dose of disturbing yet entertaining information. Didn't know you were from NY that's wassup. As for the ease of gettin' a man to bend over....smh @ that. If you convince a guy that that ISNT GAY they deserve to get ass fucked.

  5. Great interview! I needed a laugh this morning. I guess I missed this topic cuz I would've submitted a few questions. I love interviewing! I inteviewed the jews on purim! Oh i never showed you those vids. I'm gonna have to do that. Anyway can't wait to read your Frankie Negron interview

  6. I'm sorry, I can't finish reading this... I was barely able to hold in my laughing at "Cakes and Cocks" and when I got to the point of you pulling out your "weave... hair" I almost fell on the floor with muscle cramp spasms of laughter. And I'm at work. In a cubicle near a high traffic entryway where EVERYONE feels obligated to talk to me-despite me being the least social person in the entire division. Well, there is this one guy that never showers, but you get my drift!

  7. @NightFall914 I told you I got you homie! yes, I'm from NY although Jay1 will disagree. I'm not even gonna go there about anal pleasure. see me after a few drinks!

    @ZestyLilLime there won't be a Frankie Negron interview lol
    This was it. he pulled down his pants & shitted on me. I'm not into scat so *shrugs* lol

    @Anton you know my goal is to make YOU pee a little while reading. I think I succeeded!

  8. LOL!!!!
    Holla the next time you in NY.I smell a hilarious vid blog in the making.

  9. It is I Navohn Jayms! I love you Frankie!!!!!!! *muah*


  11. OMFG! Only you could get away with that type of interview! You even had a picture of you two... lol.

    My throat is sore from your comment on your God Mother... LMAO! Omg.


  12. Your cleavage out shines a famous person. LMAO!!! That is hilarious... and an appropriate picture in hindsight. *tears*

  13. I love love loved it! It answered a couple questions Ive been meaning to ask you

  14. damn... i wish i had asked more questions! haha.

  15. You so hadn't told me that you worked at Boston Market...

  16. @Anton - my tits outshine everything.

    @Kelly - ask away!

    @Art - you just never listen. I told you when we were on the train in NYC. did something distract you? ;)



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