Thursday, October 23, 2014

Movie Week - Lovelace

I find the adult entertainment industry to be fascinating.  I participated in National Novel Writing Month and wrote about the industry affected a group of disparate individuals.  I never finished it. 

One of the reasons I find is fascinating is how it exists in both the mainstream and fringe at the same time.  It’s a pretty unique phenomenon.  And Deep Throat was really the start of that. 

Which brings us to Lovelace. 

I hadn’t heard too many good things about Lovelace, so going in my only expectations were to be impressed by a creepy Peter Sarsgaard.   Confession time; I love Peter Sarsgaard.  I love him because he always brings the creepy and, for me at least, is usually the highlight of whatever he’s in.  I guess the first time he popped up on my radar was Boys Don’t Cry, where he was monstrously awesome. 

But Sarsgaard is always good in whatever he’s in.  He’s great the mildly creepy Chuck in Shattered Glass (a criminally slept on film) and he’s great chewing scenery in Green Lantern (one of only two redeeming things about that movie.)

With that mind, Sarsgaard delivered.  He’s got period appropriate creepy facial hair and his Chuck is a creep and a monster.  Right there, Lovelace has already satisfied everything I was looking for. 

But you know what, Amanda Seyfried is pretty good too.  Her accent work is a surprise and her gigantic eyes really tell the tale of Linda’s torment.  And she really does convey Linda’s naïveté and eventual maturity well throughout the film. 

Equally surprising; Robert Patrick.  He’s not in too many scenes, but as Linda’s father he shows more emotion and range than I’ve ever seen him show before.  I’m not kidding when I say that my mouth was agape, when his voice cracked and I totally bought it. 

Lovelace is chock full of supporting roles.  Chris Noth, Bobby Cannavale, Hank Azaria and Wes Bentley all show up playing various characters in the porn industry.   Huge props to the prop department for Azaria’s terrible (and I’m assuming period appropriate) toupee.  It’s a great detail in an ok film.

Lovelace is not a must-see flick.  But it sports an impressive supporting cast and two stars that are capable of carrying it to the finish line 

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