Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter Tuesday!

I wanted to hate on Twitter. But Jay1 convinced me to try it out and now I'm a fan of the concept and execution. So much so that I've decided to share my Twitter exploits with y'all in something I'm calling Twitter Tuesday.

A week ago, on 4/14 Jay1 and I tried to coin Twinterview® as a concept. It was supposed to be sort of like an Intense 3 seconds. I tried to catch @questlove for the inaugural Twinterview but was denied.

It's the second time Quest's shot down my request for an interview. There won't be a third.

Next up I confessed to @AndreaMonique and I've sort of a got a thing for lisps. It's 100% true. I'm not talking full on "Daffy Duck speech impediment" lisps, but the slight barely noticeable, but present lisp. The love of my life's got one of those and as a result I find them sexy.

I then spent the next few hours raving about 8-Bit remixes of songs.

On Wednesday, @MCHAMMER tried to promote something positive by posting "The decline of Respect for Women began in the mid 80's and never reversed The behavior is now bred and passed down it's time 4 change" I thought that his idea was a diamond in the rough and I wanted to help him polish it.

So I asked the natural follow up; "So when you talk about respecting women, are you including sluts and whores or are you talking about just the good women?" I'm pretty sure it was a valid question. I mean are we talking about all women, like female serial killers and nazis?

An hour later @MCHAMMER posted "Wednesdays as 'Respect Women Wednesdays'" in which "Men go out of your way to say or do something nice for a Woman on Wednesdays."

To which I responded; "So basically what you're saying as that it's ok to treat women like crap Thurs-Sun so long as Weds is respectful? Right?" Again, I think it's a valid question. I mean was like religion where you can be a dick throughout the week and it's kosher as long as you show up to your house of holy on your appointed day? If @MCHAMMER was going to start a movement, he needed to clear some things up.

I even added; "I mean am I misreading that? It's late and I'm sleepy so I could be missing the point completely."

@MCHAMMER didn't respond directly to me but he did post " This is a starting point to go beyond the norm of daily respect" and "I refuse to address the remedial Twitts among us (No patience for non sense from grown ups !!)...common sense ain't so common !"

And that is story of how @MCHammer and I came up with "Respect Women Wednesdays."

True story.


  1. Lost another one to the Fail Whale.....

  2. That is admirable. And I like the idea of Twinterview Tuesdays. If I weren't so lazy, I'd totally steal it.

  3. @Night Fall & Boss Hog - I'm not in it for the ladies, I'm in it for the culture.

    @Swisher - You think you're lazy, let's see how long this feature lasts.

    Anyone got an over/under?

  4. i'm not gonna let it die. it will last as long as twitter does, which as far as i can tell is 2 more years, tops.

  5. Oh wow! this is dope lol thanks for the twitter feature =)

    I am now proud of my barely there lisp, ha!

  6. -best chance at getting a twinterview would be with a reality tv star. they always respond...especially if you insult them.

    -when I was younger, one of the neighborhood kids thought it would be cool to talk in a forced lisp and walk in a bowlegged fashion. 15 years later, he's still stuck like that.
    we all know what it means when an American man has a lisp, so let's not go there...BUT many Puerto Ricans (I'm talking about straight off the island with sand in their toes) speak Spanish with a lisp and it's soooo freakin SEXY!
    it's kinda like "pear-tho, primertha veth" (pero, primera vez)....*fall to the ground while having a raging orgasm...SCREAM...MOAN...PANT* /END SCENE

    -Hammer *blank stare*



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