Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wild PItch Wednesday - Trailer Tuesday

So, I recently purchased Apple TV.  I purchased it solely for the ability to watch my iTunes television purchases (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead) on my television as opposed to my laptop.

Now the original plan was for me to write off my Apple TV on my taxes.  However, I've been informed by Norm Peterson, the Fish & Spaghetti accountant, that Apple TV would have to be an integral part of my job in order for me to write it off.

Thus you have Trailer Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trailer Tuesday - The Devil's Double & Crazy, Stupid, Love

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Trailer Tuesday.

What's that? You want to know what Trailer Tuesday is? Um, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Anyway, today we look at The Devl's Double and Crazy, Stupid, Love which are both in theaters on Friday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Munchies - Tostitos Hint of Pepper Jack

One of the first snack foods that I fell in love with were Jumpin Jack Cheese Doritos.  They were an early nineties variety of the venerable snack chip and they always stuck me as the pinnacle of Doritos technology.

Imagine the Doritos signature, the caking of artificial flavor and color, only with Jumpin Jack Cheese Doritos that caking was with goodness.  It was a taste sensation that I had an insatiable hunger for.  I mourn them to this day.

But, could Tostitos Hint of Pepper Jack be the second coming?

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Safeway in Charles Village Sucks Balls

When I first moved into my swinging bachelor pad I was pretty overjoyed to have a grocery store directly across the street.  The closest store to my pervious residence was a ways down the road, which made it barely convenient.

But now I had a Safeway that was literally a hop, a skip and a jump away from where I laid my head.   It should have been glorious, but as with most dreams come true, it quickly became a nightmare.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sadness at The Sound Garden

I hit up The Sound Garden today.  I really only went to pick up one album and ended up picking up an additional sixteen.  There's a thrill and rush in finding music especially when it's stuff you've always wanted to hear.

But there's also an occasional sadness that happens at The Sound Garden as well.  It happens when I comb the used cds and it really truly breaks my heart.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thoughts on "Box Cutter"

I was really trying my best not to overdo the posting on Breaking Bad. I mean, we've blamed it, anticipated it, learned from it and done our best to predict it.

Yet here we are.  I'm offering up my thoughts on the first episode of the fourth season.

Obviously I've got no control over my impulses.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Munchies - Food Should Taste Good (Chocolate)

I like to pretend to be an adventurous eater.  I was up on sushi before anyone else in my circle and I always jump at the chance to try something new.  Part of the fun is exposing someone else to your new discovery.

Whole Foods is generally a good place to find new stuff.  It's either going to be a unique flavor or something with odd ingredients.  Those hippies really think outside of the box.

Take the Food Should Taste Good brand.  It's got a long name, but a refreshing take on chips.  I decided to give their chocolate chips a shot.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Late Summer Line Up

Since Breaking Bad's fourth season is just days away (and I've finally copped my season pass from iTunes) I've decided to totally revamp my tv viewing around it.  I've cancelled my second consecutive Netflix free trial (maybe I'll go for my third at some point, I don't know.) You know what that means?

Yup; I've decided to launch my own pseudo television network.  I figure, I've got tons of shows on DVD, I might as well set up my viewing programming the way I'd like it to happen.

Oh, admit it; you're curious.

Obligatory Harry Potter Post

I don't read books.  I never much took a cotton to 'em.  I just wasn't raised that way.  My daddy didn't like 'em and my daddy's daddy didn't like 'em.  Reading just ain't in my blood.

That said, I am kind of excited about the release of the final Harry Potter film.  Obviously I've never read any of the tomes chronicling his exploits, but I'm still a fan of the character.

Allow me to explain.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Four Predictions for Breaking Bad's Fourth Season

Look, we are days away from the season premiere of Breaking Bad.  Obviously we at Fish & Spaghetti have a severe affinity for the program.  Honestly we can't get enough of it.

Seriously, part of the reason we resurrected the blog was because we needed something to distract us from the lack of Breaking Bad in our lives.

But we figured that since we still had some time left, we'd try to get some predictions set in stone before, y'know, we're looking back like "we totally knew that was going to happen."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Concert Cursed

So earlier this year I had a pretty impressive string of concerts that I attended.  I was averaging roughly two a month.

Ok, it's not that impressive when you put it that way.  My point is that I had a run of concerts and I always seemed to have one on the horizon.

But now it's been almost three months since I've seen someone live.  And I don't have any tickets to any future shows.  I'm in the middle of a drought or worse, I'm concert cursed. And I think I know why.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Munchies - Newtons Fruit Thins Blueberry Brown Sugar

I was never really one for cookies when I was a kid.  Ma Serpico would make a mean oatmeal cookie, but I found myself generally indifferent to chocolate chip cookies unless they had another component (PECAN chocolate chip cookies.)

I found store bought cookies to be equally flat. The novelty of Oreos wore off rather quickly even Pepperidge Farm varieties did little to generate any interest in my young palate.

That said, I think Fig Newtons get a bad rap.  Though it maybe because I came up in the 1980's so I know that a Fig Newton is actually fruit and cake, not a cookie.

Naturally when I head that the brand was actually getting into the cookie business with Newtons Fruit Thins, my interest was piqued.

Five Things We Learned From the Third Season of Breaking Bad

In an attempt to hold us over until we jump into the next chapter of Walter White's life, practically two weeks away, we at Fish & Spaghetti recently rewatched the third season of Breaking Bad in it's entirety.

Upon reflection we realized that there were some powerful truths contained in those episodes.  And being the giving and generous people we are, we decided to share that wisdom with you, our loyal readers.

But be warned; thar be spoilers.

Preview - Cowboys

Graphic novels can be a tricky proposition.  More often than not, the terms "graphic novel" is erroneously used to describe a collection and repackaging of individual comic book issues that comprise a single story arc.

Cowboys, by Gary Phillips and Brian Hurtt, is an actual graphic novel, in that it's not a collection of issues.  It's the tale of two undercover agents, one a cop and one from the FBI, who are working opposite sides of the same case.

Friday, July 1, 2011


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