Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review-Cop Out

In general, I am fascinated by things that I don't understand. Things like Pyramids, Jellyfish, Time Travel and women drive my imagination and curiosity through the roof. One new mystery I found myself examining recently is the success of Tracy Morgan. That's one of the reasons that I was so excited to go see the premier of Cop Out this monday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

steve nash is the most ridiculous man in the world...

Because it's funny (and there aren't enough ads on the internet). I used to hate him too. He's cool with me now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wild Pitch Wednesday - A Haunting in Brentwood

When it comes to horror flicks, the F&S Home Office is pretty divided. Jay1 is a horror movie nerd. I’m not even a fan. Pinky’s MIA and Chet’s vote doesn’t count because he’s the goddamn intern who was supposed to be the blog afloat while we were complying with various subpoenas and cease & desist orders. Yeah, that’s right Chet, we’ll just have to see if you’re getting that precious college credit, won’t we?

But enough airing of dirty laundry, we’re here today to give you a pitch of a horror story, with a twist. A Haunting in Brentwood is destined to go down as one of the most notorious horror films in recent memory.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

20 Things I Figured Out From Being Snowed In The House For 7 Days...

So Baltimore had the worst blizzard ever recently and it kept most of the city, including me, trapped in the house for several days (for about 7 days, there were only 2 different times that anyone was able to safely go anywhere) and like the introspective, intellectually curious ponderer that I am, I had several revelations that I'm willing to share with you all. These are things I had the chance to sit around and give serious thought to...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Walking Home During Blizzard: Worst...Idea...Ever?

Despite having moved to Las Vegas for four and a half years, I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing every blizzard that’s hit Baltimore in the past decade and a half.

Well, “misfortune” isn’t really the right word. I mean, it’s because of these blizzards that I’ve had some truly unique experiences. For instance as a result of the blizzard of ’96 I spent two days in St. Louis’ airport because I was en route to Baltimore when they shut BWI down. It just like a longer, much less enjoyable version of barely entertaining movie The Terminal, though I did get to frequent the Cheers at the airport.

Sadly they didn’t know my name.


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