Friday, March 30, 2012

In Defense of The Killing

I'm a huge fan of AMC's original programming.  While I initially began watching Mad Men with my knives sharpened, I fell in love with the show before the pilot was over.  And I was down with Breaking Bad from jump.

From there I sort of dropped the ball.  I watched the first episode of Rubicon, but sadly I can't track any other episodes down.  And I didn't even give Hell on Wheels a shot because of my general boycotting of Common doing anything other than rapping.

But then I saw The Killing was available on Netflix.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Quarterback – Anna Faris & Drake

This is a pretty unique version of the Sunday Morning QB in that we’re looking at a rerun. But both Jay1 and I missed it the first time around, so for all intents and purposes this show is new to us.

But honestly, I may start watching reruns more often, since it’s the only time I’m going to get to see Paul Brittian now that he’s off the show. I’m really going to miss that guy. Oh well, let’s get onto dissecting a show that’s five months old.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sean Fury

This is the next big thing in music.

Or at least in viral internet memes.
You're welcome either way.

Peep dude in the red on the far right, he loves it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Munchies - Häagen-Dazs Limited Edition Salted Caramel Truffle

Even though it's bad for me, I love salt.  Salty is one of my favorite attributes that something can have. I'm pretty sure I've shared my love for saladitos, the dried and salted prunes of my youth.

Salt is great on fruit.  It's great on everything.  But would it work with ice cream?  That's a question I had to find the answer to as soon as I saw Häagen-Dazs' new Salted Caramel Truffle flavor.

Monday Munchies - Ben & Jerry's Limited Batch Rocky Road-ish

For me Ben & Jerry's Limited Batch flavors are a bittersweet proposition.  By their nature, they tend to be elusive.  They seem to be there one minute and gone the next, which can be torture when you're dealing with a flavor that you love.

On the other hand they can also merely adequate, which means they're taking up shelf space of other flavors that you enjoy more, in which case their limited appearance is a plus.

So which side does Rocky Road-ish fall on?  Let's find out.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Morning Quarterback – Jonah Hill & The Shins

Jonah Hill is having a huge year.

I'm happy for him...I guess.

I'm at the very least happy to see him on SNL again. I think. I don't really remember how he did last time, which could be a good or bad thing. At the time of the show I really struggled to try and recall if he in fact ever hosted at all.

At any rate, everyone at Fish And Spaghetti Manor were cautiously optimistic about SNL this week, I mean if they could make a solid episode with Lindsay Lohan then an episode with a legit comedic talent like Jonah Hill should be a home run right?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I like pictures...

Back in 2009 I remember saying I wish that I had started a picture site. They're so fun and I imagine very easy.  A lot easier than coming up with funny or clever things to talk about everyday.

At any rate,  pictures of "What Dr. Seuss Books Are Really About" have been floating around for a few weeks and it reminded me of the fact that I had always wanted a blog that was just pictures. Then I realized, "hey wait, that's just what Tumblr is."

So I'm gonna go start a Tumblr today. 

I'll almost immediately abandon it or hand it over to someone else like everything I take part in, but it should be fun for a few months  days.

In the meantime, peep these pictures that I've mentally filed as "clever, yet so obvious I'm slightly annoyed that I didn't think of it first." 

Also, click on the "pics" tab below for more cool/stupid pictures.


Aren't these cool?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Munchies - Häagen-Dazs Limited Edition Spiced Caramel Biscuit

Three Monday Munchies in one day?  Yeah, there's a ton of new ice cream out.  and someone's got to write about it.  Right?

Anyway, since Häagen-Dazs has four new flavors on the shelves I figured I'd do a second Häagen-Dazs flavor today; Spiced Caramel Biscuit.  You game?

I'm a fan of cookies from across the pond.  I like biscuits and whatever else their called, so I was down for this Spiced Caramel Biscuit.  I've also enjoyed Häagen-Dazs' recent forays into the spice territory with Cranberry  Pumpkin Spice and Sweet Chai Latte.

My hopes were high.

Monday Munchies - Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy

I am a consumer.  As such I'm a part of the whole "supply & demand" dynamic.  I buy products based on their supply. And when I see something with "new" on the lid, I demand it.

But that comes at a cost.  Sometimes when Ben & Jerry's puts out a new flavor it's something that's not quite entirely in my wheelhouse.  And that's the case with Chocolate Therapy.

Monday Munchies - Häagen-Dazs Limited Edition Vanilla Bean Espresso

As you know, I'm a fiend for ice cream.  It's always in my top three favorite things (usually joined by "females" and "music.")  So of course when I heard that Häagen-Dazs was putting out some new flavors, I literally jumped for joy.

Last weekend I stumbled into a not so local Target and found that they had all four of the Häagen-Dazs' new flavors fully in stock.

I was in heaven.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Quarterback – Lindsay Lohan & Jack White

First off, why am I just realizing that Paul Brittain isn’t on the show anymore? A quick net search reveals that he left the show in January? Well that sucks because he was certainly a Fish & Spaghetti favorite. He will be missed.

Collectively Fish & Spaghetti was worried when he heard Lindsay returning to SNL to host. She’s more famous for her infamous deeds than for any talent she have at one time possessed. In fact here’s what I texted Jay1 as the show began;

“Gearing up for a trainwreck on SNL.”


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