Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Point/Counter-Point: The Irony

Point; By Jay1:

Ok, I'm may not be the authority on grammar and or spelling but I'm pretty sure that if you make a song called "Google Me" that flops, then semi nude pictures of you accidentally leak onto the internet causing everyone who ignored your song to now begin to "Google" you, that is some serious irony. Right?

For those of you who don't know, a few weeks ago, for a hot second, the internets were kinda sorta buzzing over the revelation that Teyana Taylor, the kinda cute yet inexplicably famous young hipster who almost had a music career in spite of her song "Google Me", had allegedly appeared naked on a web cam for some reason. It actually ended up being blown completely out of proportion as she was really only in a bra.

I remember being on the internet and reading about her "wild nude photos" and I remember my entire train of thought. It went like this:

1-Teyanna Taylor nude? Who the hell is that? Let me google her.
2-Oh wait, that's that chick who's down with Pharrell or something, ok, is she even 18? Why is this on the net?
3-Ok, she's 18 apparently, lets take a look at these alleged photos.
4-Oh, and she's not nude at all. Thanks a lot Mediatakeout.
5-Wow, that's right, she has that song called "Google Me", that's ironic.
6-Me: "Hey Skip, isn't that ironic?"

And then Skip was like "actually, that's not really irony, blah, blah...."

I know Skip "Master of Symantics" Serpico is going to try to tell you that it's not ironic but I know that if I wrote a song called "Buy my single so I can afford that heart transplant" and nobody buys it, but then I die and everyone buys it, and it sells enough copies to get me that heart transplant, that's pretty friggin ironic.

I still don't know why she asked people to Google her to begin with, all I learned about her from Google is that she may or may not have slept with Chris Brown and Drake, she has a pretty decent set of breast on her, she goes to a lot of parties, and she sorta looks like a younger, horny, hipster version of that broad from "Set It Off" and "Beloved".

That's it.

Counterpoint, By Skip Serpico:

Seriously, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times; you need to drop that "Alanis Morrisette Teaches the Figures of Speech" correspondence course, the only thing you end up getting is a funny accent and a erroneous idea of what irony is.

Having a song entitled "Google Me" and then being in a situation where you actually are googled isn't ironic, it's more of a "be careful what you wish for…" type scenarios, which places it more along the lines of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Irony would be if she recorded a song that was called "Ignore Me" where she clamored for privacy, and the song became such a smash that she was promptly googled. That's irony.

But me wishing to have a million dollars in the bank and never having to go to work again and the next day getting hit by a bus, paralyzed and cut a check by the city is really just wish fulfillment in the worst possible way.

I mean honestly, I don't know why people take risqué pictures in this day and age. It's certainly something that I'd never do.

(And this is the part where we'd see a picture of me naked with a sock on from that one Halloween years past. Fortunately I had the foresight to procure the only copies of those pictures from that night. What can I say; I'm smart like that.)

So no, risqué pics of some chick I know nothing about who sang "Google Me", a song that I've never heard, isn't ironic (and it's barley noteworthy) it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. And honestly in this day and age it's more than likely a publicity stunt.


  1. IRONY ??????? SMHHHH
    LEAVE IT.................
    THE INTENET HAS SPOKE !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chick looks like one of those slutty 16 yr olds who take half naked myspace pictures and try to say they're on "m0DeL sTaTuz" ie my little sister. she's pretty though...in a boney push up bra kinda way.

    and yea she totally looks like the bastard love child of that chick from the first Madea movie.

  3. there are actually some other pics of this chik n her douche friends, showin their "racks" floatin around. oddly enough i was downtown, getting a tattoo n the three walk in n they all got their nipples pierced while on her webcam, n showed the world(her prob 300 followers). . .shes really corny this broad.



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