Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Idea's Original

Usually when I see that a film is going to be made out of an already established property I get annoyed. When it's a movie based on a show or toy or something I really enjoyed as a kid I usually get pissed.

But when I found out that Spike Jonez, one of my favorite directors, was helping to make "Where The Wild Things Are", I just came to the conclusion that no idea is original and if people are willing to make a cool remake of something that already existed (and that I actually liked, and it comes out really cool, I can just shut up and enjoy it.

So shut up and enjoy it too:


  1. I am SOOOO excited about this movie!! I usually get irritated about remakes too. if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it, Adam Shankman...HAIRSPRAY!!
    Anyway, I can't wait to see this! I'm actually putting an ad on craigslist to borrow some children for a day so I don't look like a loser going to see this by myself.

  2. That's dope.

    I remember reading the book when I was younger and it slayed me. I'm so excited!

    Plus I'm a fan of the director and the talent. The special effects look sick. I mean they look just like they do in the book!

    And the song in the trailer fits perfectly.

    Oh, wait a minute. I'm talking about The Watchmen.

    I really want to be excited about this flick, but honestly, the production was plagued. This movie was supposed to have been wrapped.

    I want to be confident that this is more Titanic than Waterworld, but...

  3. you're such a cynic. this movie is gonna be huge. people who remember it as a kid are gonna go, people with kids are gonna go, and all the hipsters are gonna go, it's gonna be huge. i showed my daughter the trailer and she was crazy excited.

  4. Wow! i didnt even know this movie existed, or was going to be made. im remember this book from when i was little, it looks like its going to be good.

  5. I loved this book as a kid, but I reread it just the other day, and except for the illustrations, I never realized how fantastically horrible it actually is.



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