Thursday, August 25, 2011

Five Trends I'd Like To See In Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop, like most genres of music, tends to get caught up in trends.  There was a time when everyone was creating mafia-esque pseudonyms.  In recent years we've seen the rise and death of auto-tune.  We've seen throwbacks become the uniform.  And gold chains are always fashionable.

But there are some things that are barely represented in Hip-Hop that I feel could be huge trends.  Or at the very least, these are five trends that I think would be cool to see happen.

Cowboys - Kool Moe Dee, Sadat X and Warren G all did their best to ignite a cowboy craze in Hip-Hop but to no avail.  But c'mon, cowboys and Hip-Hop seem like a match made in heaven.

Specific dress uniform?  Check.  Fashionable footwear? Check.  Headgear? Check.  Guns? Check.  How has Hip-Hop not fully embraced the cowboy aesthetic?  It boggles my mind.

Neon Colors - As someone who actually experienced the 80's, I can remember when neon colors ruled the world.  It was a glorious and vibrant time.

If Kanye can bring shutter shades back and auto-tune and throwbacks can become fashionable, why can't neon colors come back?  Imagine if the uniform for corner boys was day-glo shirts?  That would be sick!

90's Preppie Fashion - Again, I know Kanye toyed around with the preppie look, but it didn't take hold.  I'd be cool with some nods  Alex P. Keaton 80's fashion, but I'd prefer if we were talking about 90's Zack Morris fashion.  

I'm talking popped collars and rolled up sleeves.  And pegged pants if possible.  I really don't know why there would be any opposition to this suggestion. I mean Juggalos look completely ridiculous, so why shouldn't it spread to fans of Hip-Hop? I want people talking like; "Yo, this is a classy establishment, so you gotta be straight Zack Morris."

Beepers - Word to Dennis Duffy; beepers are due to make a comeback.  technology is cyclical.  it's only a matter of time before everyone is checking their pagers.

Balloon Animals - Now just suppose that instead of rappers bragging about and flashing their cars and funds in videos, these guys are flashing balloon animals.

It would be just bling and jewelry only different.  People would be detailing how many balloons it took to construct the animal and about how big it was.  It'd be like pokemon only for celebrities.  I want people to ask their boys who hooked them up with a tiger and how long it took.

And there you have five trends that I'd really like to see sweep Hip-Hop.  Hopefully someone will make my dreams come true.  

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