Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Munchies - Häagen-Dazs Limited Edition Bourbon Pecan Praline

I’m not much of a drinker.  I don’t have anything against the stuff, it’s just not for me.  Imagine any cartoonish overreaction to liquor you’ve ever seen on a tv show or in the movies; that’s how that stuff affects me. 

So it was with some trepidation that I picked up Häagen-Dazs’ latest limited edition flavor; Bourbon Pecan Praline.  Would it actually put hair on my chest? 

I should also point out that I love nuts.  One of the holiday traditions I had whe

The flavor is described as bourbon ice cream, with a rich bourbon and brown sugar swirl mixed with pecan pralines. 

It’s an interesting flavor.  It’s definitely not sweet.  The bourbon ice cream lack bite in any way.  In fact it’s incredibly smooth.  It’s deliciously and delightfully smooth.  It actually borders on being addictive.  The bourbon ice cream is what keeps you coming back. 

Unfortunately that’s the only thing. 

There are pecan pralines, with emphasis on pecan.  They barely register as pralines in terms of texture or flavor.  Because they’re advertised as praline, there’s a strong sense of disappointment.  You miss the sweetness that comes along with pralines. 

Which brings me to another flaw, the reason you miss the sweetness is that the bourbon and brown sugar swirl packs quite the kick.  You feel it, in your chest.  It’s strong enough to need to be balanced out by the nonexistent pralines. 

Still, the bourbon ice cream truly is enough to make you want to come back. 

Bourbon Pecan Praline is definitely a mature flavor and it’s definitely not for everyone.  It’s probably not for anyone in recovery for alcohol, lest they fall off the wagon.  It’s a good flavor, but I doubt I’ll be returning to is unless I get a real craving.  

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