Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nintendo + Hip Hop = Awesome.

(ignore the visuals in the video, they have nothing to do with anything)

The whole "8-Bit Remix" thing has been around for a minute but I heard about this particular melody of Hip Hop songs from Jay Z, Ludacris, T.I. and others On This Site a few weeks ago.

I don't know how it works but apparently there are some programs that people are using to make music that sounds like the background music from old Nintendo games. Like imagine if Timbaland worked for Capcom in the 80's. It's like that.

It was created by a dude named Jesse Tugboat and it's really creative. It made me want to dust off the old Nintendo Entertainment System and go in.

If you want to hear more 8-Bit remixes from other genres "Continue Reading"


  1. this is ridiculous! in a good way.

  2. isn't it?!

    i'm about to play mega man part 2 for the rest of the night because of this!

    i'm seriously about to go in, where the hell is my duckhunt pistol?

  3. This is like a perfect storm of dopeness!

    1) We grew up playing games that sounded like this, so there's the nostalgia aspect.

    2) We also grew up with remixes and "unplugged" so we're totally open to the notion of a song being tweaked. Sampling could even fall under this one.

    I seriously spend the better part of this A.M. trying to crack this mystery open. I want to hear an 8-Bit version of Barnaby Jones!

  4. Yeah this post totally ruined/made my night.



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