Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kid Genius?

I saw the above clip of the 7 year old boy who allegedly has an IQ over 10 points higher than Albert Einstien the other day and was really impressed.

For about a minute.

Then I realized that the kid just basically has an awesome memory. Granted, he can name all the Presidents in the order they spent in office, he can recite the alphabet backwards, you can give him any date between January 1st, 2000 and today and he can tell you the day of the week, but like, so could Raymond Babbit, and a lot of other idiot savants, and pretty much anyone who really had too.

Maybe I'm hating, I'm just saying I'm not ready to call this kid a "genius" until I see him flex some critical thinking and problem solving skills.

In all the hype about him, I'm shocked that nobody has been talking about the 7 day old child who spoke the other day.

That's really impressive, check out the video if you havn't seen it:


  1. first of suck real hard for this!! if this blog wasn't the business, I'd stop reading it! lmao

    anyway, I was hating on the kid genius too. I side eyed his ass through the whole video....especially when he said Obama's birth date. His expression when he responded was like "wtf u ain't know!??!"
    whatever man. I'd hate to be his kid sister. she's gonna have to work hard for attention. she better call Solange for some tips.

  2. that was not cool and really scared the crap out of me!



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