Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Face Off: "April Madness/Spring Cleaning" Edition...Round 1

This weeks Friday Face Off was supposed to be a comparison to decide who is the best TV sitcom house keeper, but after literally minutes of debate, the Fish&Spaghetti staff came to the conclusion that there are far too many qualified housekeepers in the world of TV to pick just 2.

We felt that we would be disrespecting at least 6 other worthy competitors so we decided to give them a fighting chance.

With that said, we bring you this: “The Fish&Spaghetti April Madness Tournament™” AKA “Spring Cleaning”!

For the entire month of April we’ll be comparing the best housekeeper until we decide who is the all time best.

Get your bracket ready, here are the first round match ups:

Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere (1)

A consummate professional yet down on his luck British snob slumming in middle class Pittsburg.


Charles or Benson Dubois(4)

A mysterious college student with no last name who managed to juggle dating, hanging out with his best friend and feeding 3 children, all under the watchful eye of a cranky, white haired, gimpy old codger vs. a surly, smart ass butler for a wealthy family who’s idiosyncrasies bordered on complete psychosis.

Geofrey Barbara Butler(2)

A world class Bulter with a resume that spans from Rock stars to Royalty tolerating 4 unapreciative latchkey kids.


Tony Micelli(3)

Former athlete who fell on hard times turned meticulous and dedicated “Manny” for a cougar and apparently a saber-toothed-cougar™

Mrs. Edna Garrett (1)

A mother figure who didn’t bat an eye when her work load tripled due to her bosses hilarious case of white guilt.


Florence Johnston(4)

An almost completely superfluous piece of living furniture meant to represent a status symbol for her bosses delusions of grandeur.

Alice Nelson (2)

A professional maid who cared for a single man and his 3 boys before she inherited 4 extra mouths to feed, 4 extra loads of laundry, 4 extra menstrual cycles and yet still, one damn bathroom.


Nelly Ruth “Nell” Harper (3)

A woman who put her career as a lounge singer on hold to fulfill a friends dying wish, that her family have their very own Mammy.

As you can see, the brackets have been decided with one exception. Benson and Charles from “Charles In Charge” need to have a “play in” to see which one of them will earn the right to face the top seeded Mr. Belvedere. Let’s not wait another minute:


A college student who took on the task of essentially house sitting for 2 different families during his stint at the Pembroke home (the first season he cared for the Pembrokes, while the 2nd season found him caring for the Powell family who moved in after the Pembrokes moved out) he found himself baby sitting when necessary and otherwise chilling in the basement. He didn’t really cook or clean. He was just “in charge” when the parents weren’t around.


As a professional Butler for a large, nutty family, he was able to juggle cooking, cleaning and giving advice to everyone from the adults to the youngest child all while maintaining his dignity. He was often the voice of reason sanity in the Tate’s house hold, after many years of dedicated service he was asked to become move in and help a widowed political figure keep his home organized, a testament to his skills as a house keeper.

On the other hand, rumor has it that Charles lived in that basement for 12 years before succumbing to aspestos poisoning.

Winner: Benson

he'll match up next week against Mr. Belvedere, so tune in next week for that and more first round action as we continue with “The Fish&Spaghetti April Madness Tournament™” AKA “Spring Cleaning™”


  1. Frankie NichelleApril 3, 2009 at 8:48 AM

    I'm a fan of Mr. Belvedere, so I really wanted Charles to win because Benson has too good of a resume. Mr. B doesn't stand a chance.

    good stuff!

  2. This is CLASSIC. I'm riding with Geofrey and Flo.

  3. This list is flawed. what about me? I'm a house keeper! And What about Rosie from The Jetsons? She's better and more qualified than anyone on that list. I think this blog is prejudice against robots.

  4. Holy shit! it's Vickie from Small Wonder!

  5. I think Florence would kick everyone's ass, but I've never seen her do any work...

  6. @j-millz:its not about ass kicking, it's about which one is the overall best. and i'm pretty sure she would get her ass kicked by nell.

  7. I'm with J-Millz...Florence was definately allergic to housework and her mouth was way too sassy.

  8. My connect in Vegas informed me of how the odds are shaping up for Spring Cleaning.

    Lynn Belvedere - 1-1
    Geoffrey - 2-1
    Benson DuBois - 5-1
    Edna Garrett - 10-1
    Alice Nelson - 20-1
    Nell Harper - 50-1
    Tony Micelli - 125-1
    Florence Johnston - 400-1

    Those of you pulling for Florence might as well put $5.



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