Monday, April 20, 2009

Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior...

I've been a fan of Spike TV since they were still called The Nashville Network (TNN) and all they showed was re-runs of 80's sitcoms and professional wrestling.

They've stepped thier game up a alot over the years in terms of Original Programming, even though I've heard the argument that instead of Spike TV it could easily be called "The Meat Head Network" or "The Testosterone Channel" because most of the programming features fighting, explosions, car wrecks and other stupid things that "Guys" like.

Still, thier new show, Deadliest Warrior is one of the coolest new shows on TV.

It combines science, history and bone shattering violence to determine what group of people are the all time best killing machines.

In each episode, scientist and weapons experts discuss the history of the combatants and test out thier weapons on targets meant to simulate human flesh and bone. The information gets fed into a computer where they simulate a battle between the fighters 1000 times and in the end the battle gets re-created by actors (which is cool yet kinda corny) and the winner is revealed.

I've watched 2 episodes, the first had an Apache Warrior going up against a Roman Gladiator and the other featured a Samurai matched up with a Viking and both were really good. It's interesting to see the weapons in action and the shit talking that occurs between the experts is funny too.

The idea of putting so many man hours into determining something so trivial as who was history's biggest bad ass (essentially), is Obviously something I can relate to but this show takes it to a higher level of geekdom which is just great, because people need thorough answers to trivial bullshit.

At least I know that I do.

Some of the other battles they have planned this season include Pirate vs. Knight (which sounds sorta wack to me), Taliban vs. IRA (That's not a typo), Yakuza vs. Mafia (That should be sick), Green Beret vs. Spetznaz, Maori vs. Shaolin Monks and William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu (That's gonna be a good one).

Check out the entire 1st episode below and check out the show Tuesday night at 10pm on Spike TV.


  1. ok, the intricacy of this whole thing is insanely mind boggling. I'm a girly wuss so all the blood and gore was too much and I had to stop watching. who won?

  2. The Apache won. And the intricacy is what makes it so awesome.

    like, this is the type of bullshit guys talk about all the time, who would win between kobe and jordan, or mike tyson and ali, so to see a group of guys use science to get a definitive answer to something like this is brilliant.

  3. I fuck wit that show, I was just tellin my brother about that shit, shit is hard. that mafia VS yakuza episode is gonna be crazy!

  4. I have never seen this show but Battles B.C. on the history channel is dope



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