Saturday, August 15, 2009

R Kelly & Dj Drama: The Demo Mixtape

Oh yeah checking back in with another round of that friday fuckery, live from the Chi, weighing in at 2:11am a staggering 2 months plus late, is R Kelly with his latest foray into sex music and madness with THE DEMO MIXTAPE. Why u ask? Well, because my weekend's far from over and I dont think this tape got nearly enough light.

Listen, download it or drop a comment and hate. Its all love this way!


  1. co-sign. i had a whole rant i was gonna do about him peeing on people and what not, but i like this joint, can't front.

  2. This shit is wack Jay1, you trippin.

  3. no, it's cool. I don't care what anybody say.



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