Thursday, October 15, 2009

People Of Walmart...

We love a good photo site, and People Of Walmart is as good as it gets. It's a funny new site that's been around for a few months and features exactly what the name says: People Of Walmart.

In all of their fat, weird, half naked, possibly derranged splendor. Click "Read More" for more pics.

How high or drunk is this dude?

I call asses like this, "The Upside Down Cake"

The site called him a "Cabbage Patch Man"...I can't top that.

No comment.

Yes, that's Shawn Kemp.

See more at People Of Walmart.


  1. I noticed you did a story about Perhaps you might be interested in doing a follow up about People of Public Transit.

    People of Walmart inspires sister site (People of Public Transit)

    The public bus and subway systems are littered with amazing photo opportunities. Many of us have been sitting alone witnessing something amazing and only wishing we could share the experience with our friends. Well now you can!

  2. BLESS YOU for posting about People of Public Transit! I have MANY things to submit!!



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