Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Munchies – Spicy Jalapeno Fritos

In the summer of 2008 Frito Lay introduced the McGraw’s Spicy Jalapeno flavor to their Frito line of anti-health food. They joined a family that already included Nacho Cheese, Chili Cheese, Mexican Chicken and Ranch.

Yeah, it really says something about your product when a country singer’s name actually classes things up a bit.

I only had one bag of them and it was difficult to enjoy them. I kept envisioning McGraw’s moderately hot wife, Faith Hill, in various stages of undress. Well someone at Frito Lay answered my prayers because those Fritos are back, now with a 100% less McGraw.

I’m a fan of the Frito brand. I think they’re quality people. I enjoy the Chili Cheese Fritos (and I’m thankful that I live close to a 7-11 that actually carries them.) I usually try out any “new” or “limited edition” flavors of anything, even those dreadful Cheetos.

But I can say that hands down, Spicy Jalapeno Fritos are one of the best flavors of any snack chip that I’ve ever tasted. Whoever their scientists are, they deserve a raise because they’ve perfected the jalapeno flavor with this chip. It’s not obscenely hot like the various “Flaming Hot” offerings from Fritos, Cheetos and Doritos, yet it still has kick.

More than that, it’s got flavor. It actually tastes like something. Usually when it comes to Fritos I’m either having to wash the abundant flavor out of my mouth (my beloved Chili Cheese Fritos) or I’m aghast at the bland (regular Fritos). With the Spicy Jalapeno Fritos, they’ve perfectly flavored the damn thing. I don’t need to rinse my mouth after having them, yet I’ve still had an entirely tasteful experience.

I’m not aiming for hyperbole, but I think that Spicy Jalapeno Fritos are the pinnacle of Frito technology.

I highly recommend that you run down to the store and pick some up because, once again, they are a Limited Edition engagement.

So hurry and thank me later.

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