Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wild Pitch Wednesday - Untitled Television Show Set in the 1990's

As an astute student of pop culture I’m always trying to stay a step ahead a of the curve. I’m telling you, I made a mint when I completely divested before the Beanie Baby and Togatchi markets crashed and I’m still spending pog money.

But sometimes to look forward, one must look back. And if history is correct, I think I may be sitting on the formula for one of the biggest shows of the next decade.

There’s a formula for success in place; every two decades a television show comes along that romanticizes 20 years ago. The 1970’s had Happy Days and the 1990’s had That 70’s Show. You take one lead, playing the role of a teen everyman living with his parents, and fill it with an actor who’s happy to do television but dreams of making it big in film (Topher Grace and Ron Howard.) Couple him with someone who has the wattage to become a cultural icon (Ashton Kutcher and Henry Winkler.) Add a slightly sleazy supporting actor (Wilmer Valderrama and Scott Baio.) Set the whole thing in Wisconsin circa 1995 and you’ve got a success.

With the mid 90’s as a setting you’ve got all sorts of things to use as fodder. First up you’ve got Bill Clinton as President, is plenty of material right there. You’ve also got the birth of “reality tv” via The Real World. And think about the various pop culture aspects, the tv shows, the video games, the fledgling internet communities. Can’t you imagine the characters on the show having the dream of being on The Grind?

This show will be hilarious!

And you’re going to have an awesome soundtrack, full of vintage Hip-Hop and some decent grunge. Oh, and one of the characters could be a club kid. Then there are the musical festivals like Lollapalooza and Lilith Fair for the characters to attend. Hippies and feminists are always funny!

The 90’s also give you the Militia movements, the neo-Con movement and tons of other cults. You also get Ross Perot. I’m telling you, this show will write itself or at the very least will be extremely easy to write, especially since VH1 is due for an I Love the 90’s marathon any day now.

I don’t know what this show will be called, but I do know that if anything that even remotely resembles this ever gets made, I’m going to get a nice sum of “walk away and shut up” money. I’m talking “Tiger Woods’ side chick” paper.

So, does anyone want to partner with Fish & Spaghetti on this one? It’s a joint venture with legs. We'll even give you top billing.


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  1. That sounds like a great show actually, I'd watch! That picture of Ashley Judd killed my soul just a tad bit lol



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