Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wild Pitch Wednesday: "Smell My Finger"

Welcome to "Wild Pitch", the newest column here at Fish And Spaghetti, where we give our intern Chet the opportunity to wow us (and you) with his wacky ideas in the hopes that we (and you) like them enough to have them become actual columns to be featured on the blog every now and then.

This week, Chet tries to talk us (and you) into buying into his absurd idea for a new bi-weekly column that HE calls "Smell My Finger".

Here's his pitch, if you're interested in seeing this idea come to fruition, please leave a comment so that we can gage interest and eventual decide if it will in fact be featured here on Fish And Spaghetti. Keep in mind that Chet is young and stupid.


The Fish And Spaghetti Staff

Okay, so as some of you may already know, my name is Chet, and I'm an intern at and I love it here.

Part of my job, when I'm not filing or proof reading or getting coffee and tacos for Skip, Jay, Pinky Ring and Frankie as well as fetching St.Ides Malt Liquor for Silent Murda and trying to locate the whereabouts of D!rk, is to help brain storm new ideas for the blog.

The generous staff here is giving me the chance to pitch an idea I came up with called "Smell My Finger".

It's a game show, and I hope you like it.

The premise is that we find a 4 guys (2 teams of 2)

And then we stick one of them into a phone booth or a broom closet or a parked car with 3 strippers.

We then let him "party" with the girls for a little while and when he gets out of the booth or broom closet or parked car he presents his hands to his partner to see if his partner can determine (by smelling) which finger "belongs" to which girl.

Then other team gets a turn!

Whichever team gets the most correct matches are the winners and they'll get a prize of some kind.

This will be a segment that will be included in our upcoming video category. That's right, this show will be tapped and available to view on "FishAndSpaghetti TV"!

I'll host it of course and every 2 weeks we'll feature 2 new teams!

please leave a comment and let me know what you think, keep in mind that if the feedback is too harsh that I'll lose my internship and I wont get any credits for this semester.

Thank you for your time,please chime in and vote, I'm really excited about Fish And Spaghetti's new TV division and I'm looking forward to contributing.

-Chet The Intern


  1. Can't you come up with another "creative" idea? This one is kinda...well..gross..

  2. assuming all the strippers are women...this would still never work. but the visual lives on.

  3. I really think you should go back to the drawing board with this one...seems a

  4. yeah, we warned him. our intern is a little bit of moron ladies and gentleman but damn if he isn't really good at alphabetizing CD's and DVD's.

  5. @ Chet
    You sir are an idiot.

    You may never fetch my lunch again with your probing fingers. good day

  6. eeeeeewwwww!!!!!! the one on the side with the cross necklace looks like her queefs smell like old broccoli.

  7. That is just nasty! who would want to do that..



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