Sunday, February 27, 2011

By the Numbers - Oscar Best Picture Nominees

Since I've just seen all ten films nominated for the year's Best Picture at the Academy Awards, I figured I'd run down some numbers for you.

3 - Films that prominently feature the life changing effects of college.

3 - Films involving the death of a father.

2 - Films involving a young woman searching for her father.

2 - Films that feature a character falling down a crevice and losing a limb.

4 - Films that feature the loss of a limb.

2 - Films feature Leads who are rich, socially awkward white guys.

2 - Former pop stars who demand to be taken serious as actors, despite having embarrassingly hilarious music videos as skeletons in their closet.

2 - Leads that intentionally wound themselves.

2 - Lesbian love scenes.

0 - Lesbian love scenes that could be considered "hot."

4 - Films based on actual events.

1 - Film based on a novel

1 - Sequel

1 - Remake

3 - Original ideas

3 - Films that caused me to well up with emotion

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