Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Acts I Expect To Release Albums in 2011

2011 has been shaping up to be a pretty good year musically.  Saigon, Foo Fighters, Iron & Wine, The Kills and Raekwon have all released stellar albums and the year's not even at it's halfway point.

But I'm never content when it comes to musical content.  I'm always expecting  for an artist and group to drop new material. And the cool thing about listening to so much music is that there always seems to be someone I like who's got something new on the horizon.

Well you can take your Detox and The Carter IV and cram them somewhere tight. Here are five acts that I'm hoping release new albums before the year is out.

The xx - I fell in love with their debut. Like, fell madly deeply in love with it.  For the longest The xx had my "most played" list on lock. It's still not only one of the most impressive debuts I've ever heard but also one of my favorite albums.

But xx was released almost two years ago.  I'm pretty sure that the band has wrapped up any major tour and are probably recording new material.  At least that's what I hope.  I literally can't wait for their follow up.

Santigold - I remember reading an issue of Paste where Santigold and the lead singer from Vampire Weekend were the cover story.  The story was about how Paste was anticipating their sophomore releases.  It was the first issue of 2010 and even back then Santigold wasn't sure her follow up was coming out within the next 12 months.

Even in the article Santigold seemed sort of overwhelmed by her surprise success.  She was a critical darling, so I can only imagine the pressure of having to follow up on her debut.  Her track with the Beastie Boys was dope, so hopefully she's put something out this year.

Feist - Thanks to canny marketing and a catchy song Feist's last album completely blew up.  She was on Sesame Street and her music was everywhere.

But since she's been away from the scene for a while I can only assume that she's recording.  I'm hoping that she's recording.  I'm very curious what her success will do her sound.  Will she have a fuller sound from a larger budget?  Will she make artistic leaps and falter?  I want to know.  I need to know.

The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You was a dope album that found it's way onto many year end "best" lists thanks to the producing hand of Rick Rubin.  Plus they absolutely rock live.

As much as I really want them to release something this year, I'm guessing it won't be until late in the year, because I'm pretty sure they're still on the road. Since I've been listening to their catalogue for the last year I'm pretty anxious to hear what new tricks they'll pull out and how their sound will grow.

De La Soul - They haven't released an album since 2004's The Grind Date (I'm not counting the iTunes mix tape.)  And classic as The Grind Date is (and it is a classic) seven years is a bloody long time to keep people waiting for a new album.

Still, this is the longest shot of them all.  I know that they had label issues with Beyonce's dad and promotion issues with BET, but I know I'm not the only one who is craving new De La.  And maybe if all of us raise our voices in unison we'll get some new stuff from the Plugs.

So, yeah these are five albums I'd really like to see before the end of the year.

I mean provided the world doesn't end tomorrow, that is.

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