Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Rubicon Conspiracy

I like watching TV.  Sometimes it's for entertainment like when I watch Fringe or Parks and Recreation.  Sometimes it transcends entertainment and becomes inspiration like Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

I'm always on the lookout for a good new show.  Given my love for Mad Men and Breaking Bad I was very interested in Rubicon.  It was AMC's third foray into original programming.  Chances were, I was going to enjoy it.

I didn't feel like giving Rubicon the iTunes "season pass" treatment because it was such an unknown quantity.  I did manage to catch the pilot.  I don't know if it was free from iTunes or on AMC's website, but I watched it and I enjoyed it.

I liked how taut the drama was.  I enjoyed the acting and how dull the colors were.  It always felt overcast, at least in the pilot.  I dug the mood that the show set and I thought it was pretty well cast.

But again, I didn't get a chance to watch it when it was on.  No one I knew watched it, but Rubicon did get some solid write ups so I made up my mind that I was going to end up picking it up when it came out on dvd.

And then AMC cancelled it.  Rubicon wasn't a ratings success, so the network pulled the plug.

Still, I figured I'd give the show a shot on dvd.  And then I promptly forgot all about it.  But when I was writing up Terriers, it jogged my memory.  Because while Terriers isn't available on dvd, I can still get the complete and total first and only season from iTunes (which is something I plan on doing as a Christmas gift to myself.)

Anyway, this caused me to wonder "whatever happened to Rubicon?" I looked for Rubicon on iTunes and found nothing but some crappy music.  So I looked around the internet and unfortunately "Rubicon" is an incredibly common word. But the end result was that Rubicon isn't on dvd either.

In fact when I went to the Rubicon page on AMC's site, I got this message?

Seriously?  What kind of garbage is that?  AMC is basically saying "um, you can't buy the show digitally from a service or website, nor will it come out via disc form.  If you missed it; oh well."

That's some crap, especially in this digital age of entertainment "on demand."  To deny is practically an unforgivable sin.  It's absurd.

Basically, I'm looking for Rubicon and since AMC won't allow me to buy it legally, I'm totally down to cop a bootleg.  So, anyone reading this if you've got the show or know someone who does, just drop me a line.

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  1. Yeah it's bizarre they just kindof yanked Rubicon from everywhere, I bought the FREE pilot on iTunes so I have it now still in the cloud wish I'd bought the entire series, must have been to close to home because very odd that it was taken off iTunes and isn't on dvd, lucily I downloaded some nice 720p torrents out there of the entire show.



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