Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Munchies – Edamame Crunch

I remember when candy bars cost 49¢.*

It’s very true.  When I was cognizant enough to be aware of how much things cost and aware of candy, a Snicker’s bar cost 49¢.  And that’s why I’ve got such a hard time paying for a candy bar today.  Plus you’ve got those fancy exotic candy bars that cost ten times as much as my old school bars. 

It’s ridiculous…or is it?  

I’ve dabbled with fancy bars before and my problem with spending an exorbitant amount of money was that, well it’s a ton of money to spend on candy.  But then I realized something; I’m worth it. 

My inherent problem with spending that much on a snack was that I felt I wasn’t worthy of having something good.  And that was a liberating notion.   So now I’ve sort of sought out these candy bars to find out which ones I love the most. 

When I saw Edamame Crunch I was immediately intrigued.  First off, I’m a sucker for salty anything and the packaging clearly states “sweet & salty.”  Secondly I dig edamame.  It’s certainly one of my favorite parts of going out for sushi.  And lastly, I’m all for trying new things. 

I’ve got to say that I was impressed by this candy bar.  If I were to compare it to something universal, I’d say that it’s like a classier version of Hershey’s with almonds, only it’s a like a quarter thicker and with smaller crunchies. 

The chocolate isn’t too sweet.  It’s milk chocolate, which means it’s not as harsh as dark chocolate, but it’s also not as sickly sweet as we’ve come to expect chocolate to be. 

The textures are phenomenal.  The edamame offers up the perfect compliment to the chocolate.  It’s got that crunch that crumbles but really adds kick that makes the bar stand out.  The bar could have used a bit more salt, the saltiness is subtle but it works.  The salt comes in at unexpected but surprisingly perfect times. 

Edamame Crunch is a midrange candy bar; it’s not too expensive, but it cost more than your average bar.  I highly suggest that if you dig chocolate and you see one of them while you’re out and about, that you give it a try.    

*You have no idea how excited I am that I’m finally old enough to say “I remember when so & so cost such & such!"

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