Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Munchies – Ben & Jerry’s Limited Batch Piña Colada

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The summer has finally arrived.  It’s at the very least warm out, if now downright hot.  Which means it’s the perfect time for some ice cream. 

Of course as anyone familiar with Fission Spaghetti already knows; it’s always a perfect time for ice cream.  But there’s something about the summer that makes ice cream even more refreshing than usual. 

In honor of the season Ben & Jerry’s have release their latest Limited Batch flavor, Piña Colada.

I find Piña Colada to be an interesting flavor.  Originally it was an alcoholic beverage and it’s still the official beverage of Puerto Rico.  But as a flavor it’s been co-opted by virtually anything related to sweets.  There’s piña colada flavored sodas and candy.  And piña colada is also a pretty popular flavor for baked goods like muffins and cakes. 

And of course there’s piña colada ice cream. 

For years Häagen-Dazs has produced Piña Colada flavor that I’ve enjoyed.  Pineapple Coconut has been a flavor that I can depend on to deliver a satisfying treat.  But it’s finally been usurped by Ben & Jerry’s Piña Colada. 

Piña Colada is coconut flavored ice cream with pineapple chunks and shredded coconut.  It’s not really the most revolutionary flavor, but it completely delivers in a way that Ben & Jerry’s always does; it’s a completely balanced flavor.  It’s spectacularly balanced. 

First off, the ice cream in incredibly smooth, as you’d expect from a piña colada flavor.  The coconut ice cream just melts perfectly, like silk.  The pineapple chunks aren’t especially large, but they pack a punch.  Those chunks are an anomaly in that they are unnaturally juicy.  When you bite down they burst in your mouth and flood it with flavor.  You don’t expect that to happen with ice cream aggregate.   

The coconut shavings are present but not overwhelming.  The pineapple chunks are equally plentiful.  Every bite has something to savor and even if you happen to have to get a bite without pineapple in it, the ice cream itself is strong enough to keep you satisfied. 

With Piña Colada, Ben & Jerry’s continue their streak of being one of the most consistent ice cream brands around.  

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