Friday, January 31, 2014

Weezer Week: Death to False Metal

Sorry for those of you who were desperately seeing closure to Weezer Week.  I know this is about 12 hours late, but I’ve been nursing a cold and spent the day in a pretty lethargic state of being.  But here we are; the end of Weezer Week! 

I also have a weird duality in that I’m not particularly fond of authority, but I feel the need to see things through.  I didn’t like the notion that I had write this final chapter, but I hated the idea of not finishing Weezer Week. 

Anyway, Death to False Metal

Death to False Metal occupies a weird spot in terms of Weezer album.  Death to False Metal is more like a collection of songs, since it compiles songs that didn’t make the cut for various albums.  So, technically it’s a compilation album. 

Since the songs weren’t recorded in the same sessions or even the same eras, it’s difficult to judge it as an album.  While it sounds more cohesive than other compilation and rarities collections, the songs weren’t meant to be released together. 

The first half of Death to False Metal is very strong.  Those first five songs would fit right in with anything on The Green Album or Maladroit.  And with the exception of “Trampoline,” which is quite the standout track, the second half feels a bit poppier.  It’s not as bad as anything from The Red Album, but it’s still not vintage Weezer. 

And that’s what’s so odd about Death to False Metal despite it not being a proper album, it’s still stronger than most of their last few albums. 

The Verdict: Death to False Metal is a pretty strong compilation of rarities.  It also happens to be better than the vast majority of Weezer’s last handful of albums.  It’s certainly worthy of another spin. 

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