Friday, April 25, 2014

Movie Week - Jack Reacher

After the dismal movie that was Oblivion, I was reluctant to watch other Tom Cruise movie.  I really didn’t know if I could deal with being disappointed twice in a row.  But then I remember something Un Gajje said to me about Jack Reacher. 

Actually that’s not quite right, I remember that Un Gajje had said something to me about Jack Reacher, or rather the female lead, but I didn’t remember what he said.  “The female lead in that…” Tried as I did, I couldn’t remember what he said. 

Spoiler alert: I eventually did.

Jack Reacher starts off pretty strong.  There’s the initial crime, which is wonderfully staged, that sets up some of the major players.  And then you’ve got the introduction of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, after two characters basically providing an info dump on his back story. 

Oh, this is one of those movies?  Cool. 

Jack Reacher is the quintessential Tom Cruise movie.  It’s got action.  It’s got fights.  It’s got car chase scenes.  It has zero chemistry between Tom and his female lead.  What more could you ask for in a Tom Cruise movie? 

And those car chase scenes were awesome.  I’ve never seen a car chase with more scowling faces.  I would totally watch Jack Reacher again just for that car chase scene.  Though I will say that I wish someone would do a cut of that chase scene with some lighthearted music under to contrast with all that scowling. 

Then there’s the late night scene in the lawyers office.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I try my best not to objectify women.  I don’t ogle or catcall.  In fact I’m so respectful that I rarely approach women, because I imagine they don’t want to be bothered and are probably tired of being approached by men all day long. 

All that to say, in that scene I found myself completely distracted by Helen’s cleavage.  Like I literally thought “I wonder if those are real.”  And that when I remembered what it was Un Gajje had said to me; “the female lead in that likes to wear low cut tops.”  And her top is ridiculously low cut.     

In addition to sporting the world’s greatest movie star, Jack Reacher also sports some other impressive cast members.  First off it Joseph Sikora aka Ginger from True Detective.  Then you’ve got Michael Raymond-James aka Britt from Terriers.  Also Werner Herzog plays a heavy and give the hint that perhaps he’s squandering his talent by directing.  Even Jai Courtney rocks as a guy who is just menacing in the most amazing way possible.  He should always play a character like that. 

Jack Reacher completely delivers on what it promises to be; it’s an action packed Tom Cruise thriller.  It also has the benefit of making me appreciate Oblivion more, because, since both characters are named Jack, I pretended Jack Reacher was a prequel. 

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