Sunday, February 8, 2009

Athletes + Alcohol = Hilarity

More at DrunkAthlete.Com

Steve Nash looks like he's about to slap the shit out somebody and then vomit in his car.
Mike Jordan is seeing double for sure.

Reggie Miller looks like a cornball, even while pouring booze down a half naked party girl's throat, which is difficult to do.
This last picture of former Atlanta Falcon Jamal Lewis is kinda messed up, not just because he just Got Arrested and charged with felony possession of cocaine and marijuana last night and denied bond

But also because I'm pretty sure these frat boys took a black magic marker and drew a picture of a cock on the back of his head or some silly shit after he passed out in the bar, you know how they like to do.

check out DrunkAthlete.Com so you can waste, like a half hour, laughing at more pictures and videos like this...


  1. damn, I'll have what MJ is having and make mine a double!

    speaking of being drunk, have u seen this:

    there's a remix on there too.

  2. yeah, that little boy coming home from the dentist is a trip.

  3. he's still fucked up...much like these athletes.



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