Monday, September 21, 2009

Remembering – My Moustache

Anniversaries can be difficult, especially when they mark the passing of not only time. One such anniversary is just around the corner.

You see, a little over a month ago, I trimmed my moustache.

At the beginning of the summer we at Fish & Spaghetti took a pledge; we would not trim our moustaches until November. The goal was to attended Homecoming with glorious 'staches that completely obscured our upper lip.

It was to be our vacation from ourselves.

But I crumbled. Maybe it was because I aimed too high. I strove for the "Wilford Brimley" or the "David Crosby".

Sadly I barely approached the "Frank Zappa".

I won't scar you with the horrific details of my moustache's demise, needless to say, it wasn't pretty. It was a harrowing ordeal and I hope that I never have to face it again.

Fortunately my mustache is survived by Pinky Ring\'s awesome "Lamont Sanford"

and Chet's paltry "Adam Morrison."

In lieu of flowers, please leave comments.


  1. yeah i agree for some reason black men tend to look like they are trapped in the 70's
    while men like
    benjamin brat (the cleaner)
    looks like
    oochy coochy la la la

  2. good gravy, an MC Brains reference? Really?



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