Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ask Frankie

1.Dear Frankie,

My man loves it when i give him oral sex and let him "Finish" in my mouth, but it taste sooooo bad!!!!

I've done this before with my ex and it didn't taste bad at all so I think it's him personally. What should I do? I told him that he taste nasty and that my ex tasted good and he got mad (he say he don't want to think about me doing that with anybody else) but is there something he can eat or drink to help him out?

Is there anything I can say or do to avoid doing it at all and not hurt his feelings?! Help a sista out!!

-Lady Yuckmouth

Dear Yuckmouth,

You ARE what you eat!! Caffeine, garlic, alcohol, spicy foods, weed, cigarettes, curry (and everything else we love) will make your cum taste unpleasant. Meats and fish are BAD! The worst possible thing to have before oral sex is dairy. If he wants you to swallow, he needs to make a sacrifice. Make sure he drinks plenty of water, and eats LOTS of fruits (especially pineapples).

Some say that eating veggies helps, but some cooked veggies smell lethal so I wouldn't risk it. If your guy has been eating the fried asparagus at Houlihans' happy hour, forget it! You may as well stay away from those bodily fluids for the next month. I'm not sure how long the process to change the taste of semen is. I'd say a week or so.

Play around with different time frames and foods. I won't tell you that changing your man's diet will make his cum taste like ice cream, but it will improve.
As far as avoiding swallowing altogether, honey, spitters are quitters! If you don't do it, some other woman will!

2.Dear Frankie,

I been seeing this woman for a few months and it's been cool. We feeling each other, we got a lot in common, we don't fight, sex is good, but the problem is that she ask me if she could move in with me a month ago because she was having problems with her roommates, so I said cool and she said it would only be for a a few weeks until she could find a new spot to live but now she stopped looking for a spot and is just in my house like its all good.

She cool but I wasn't going to ask her to move in no time soon. Now we living together and things are still ok but I just feel bad because I like her but I want her to move out. What should I do?

Heno, 23, Philly

Women are sneaky, manipulative and conniving. YES, I said it.YES, I'm a woman. The women who deny this are the BIGGEST con artists. She probably set this whole thing up. Get her freeloading ass out of there. You can take the honesty route by sitting her down and telling her exactly what you told me.

Tell her all of those good things about how the relationship is great and blah blah blah. We love to hear that stuff. Sugar coat the hell out of it, and then hit her with the it's-not-you-it's-me. Tell her that you're only 23 years old, and you're not ready for a live-in girlfriend. You're still a baby and you need to sow your oats. She'll probably dump you, but you'll survive.

The other option is the sneaky, less mature route. It's time to think like a woman. Tell her that your landlord has been side eyeing you because having the chick live there is a violation of the lease, so she has 30 days to get out or you'll be evicted.


  1. OMGosh.. I don't know wheather to laugh or cry I really thought I had problems but, thank God for MissFrankie!!

  2. OMGosh.. I don't know wheather to laugh or cry I really thought I had problems but, thank God for MissFrankie!!

  3. Try eating strawberries. that will make the cum taste good.

  4. How the hell you gonna tell ya man about how ya ex used to taste. I wish a chic would.....


    FYI, MensHealth suggested we eat citrus foods to make tasty man juices.

    *bites into orange*

  6. Personally, I like to dual squirt her with some LA LECHERA sweetened & condensed milk so the flavors combine... I don't have time nor desire to adjust my diet away from meats to more fructosey non-meats.



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