Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twitter Tuesday: Baltimore Halloween Tweetup

I'll probably be kicking myself for this later, but I'm doing a Baltimore Halloween TweetUp next Saturday, October 31st, at the Power Plant.

I don't have many local followers...not sure why lol, but feel free to come out and join me. I just ask that you be 21 years of age (or you won't get in), be gay-tolerant (no homophobes allowed), and please PLEASE PLEASE do NOT steal from me!!

There will be a few contests ($7500 in cash & prizes) so wear your Halloween costume. I've never done a tweetup and I didn't pimp this idea out too much so I don't expect a big crowd of us twats, but there will def be a bit of a crowd out at the Power Plant. It's kinda cool because the followers who are afraid to meet people in public (because they're really ugly and photoshopped the hell out of their pics...or have a fake pic) will get a chance to cover their hideous faces with masks! I think the Halloween festivities at the Power Plant start at 7pm and end at 2am so I'm not sure when I'll arrive there. Fortunately, I live around the corner-ish from the Power Plant so if you get there before I do, just tweet me!

Also, please make sure you have a way to get home. I'm nobody's baby sitter, and nobody enters my castle.

In celebration of Halloween, here's a hilarious video....

(thanks QueenofVague)

ps - I'm not calling anyone out, but a certain follower who hasn't been active on Twitter in awhile should stop at the 24 hour CVS by his job, get a $2 mask and swing by the Power Plant for a drink (my treat) and bring that 80s mixed CD you promised me 6 months ago.


  1. Yeah. This doesn't have fiasco written all over it or anything.

  2. hush your face! you (and the alters) should come. I'll buy you a drink.



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