Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Munchies – Cheesy Cheddar BBQ Cheetos

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Monday Munchies. Monday Munchies is our vain attempt to justify the "Food/Drink" category on the blog. Basically this is where we at Fish & Spaghetti will offer up our thoughts on all things food related.

It maybe a review of a new flavor of ice cream. Or it might be our thoughts on the new burger at Wendy's. If we're really desperate for content we'll let Chet give his thoughts on the flavored lube he found on his parents dresser last week. The point is; if it goes in your mouth and we're writing about it, it'll be found here.

Unfortunately it took something horrible to make this feature see the light of day – Cheesy Cheddar BBQ Cheetos.

But before I get to the bad let me give some back story. When I was growing up Cheetos were my "go to" snack. I loved the way the crunched. I loved the way they tasted. I loved the orange residue that they left on index finger and thumb. I trust Chester Cheetah with my life.

When Chester introduced the Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos, I was down. When the Flamin' Hot Cheetos came along I thought good business. Sure they were a kick to the ol' taste buds, but sometimes that's just what you need to know that life's worth living. I even enjoyed the Flamin' Hot Cheetos con Limon.

The Cheesy Cheddar BBQ Cheetos are possibly the worst thing I've ever had in my mouth, and I've had a threesome with Della Reese and Bea Arthur.

First off, I don't know who thought that "cheddar" and "BBQ" go together. They go together on a BBQ Chicken Pizza and on a burger, but they don't mesh well with Cheetos. Perhaps it's the lack of dead animal or possibly it's missing act of cooking, but the Cheetos are about as distasteful as an episode of Family Guy.

Like, they're so bad that I wouldn't give them to a homeless person. Cheesy Cheddar BBQ Cheetos are so bad eating them is like when you've done something wrong and you've reluctantly got to fess up for doing it; you really wish there was some other way to do things, but you've made the mess (by opening the bag) so now you've got accept the consequences (by finishing the bag.)

Perhaps it's that the artificial BBQ flavoring just doesn't work with the dimensions of a Cheeto? I'm fine with BBQ potato chips, but the artificial flavoring is so overpowering that it's somewhere between revolting and nausea inducing. I'm tempted to keep a bag around the crib just in case someone eats poison and needs to vomit immediately.

So unless you like throwing up like a Towson University sorority girl on a Saturday night, I'd avoid Cheesy Cheddar BBQ Cheetos.


  1. That shit is funny. The even funnier shit is I'd prolly love them cheddar BBQ shits. That flavor sounds right up my alley wit a beef Pattie and snapple powwww !!!!!

  2. I still haven't finished eating these. It's a blizzard and I'm running out of snacks. I'm so tempted to snack on these. Thankfully I have this post to remind me that these things taste like whale ass.

  3. Well different strokes for different fokes right?!?!? I LOVE them. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy and crunchy and they are the best!! So much so that I can not find them locally and was searching on line hoping I could find a website to purchase some. Wanna sell yours?

  4. Have you ever had those Cheeseburger flavored Doritos? They taste like there's a party in my mouth and everyone took a dump.



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