Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Tuesday: I Curse Excessively

On Saturday, someone tweeted the following...

wait, WHAT? I ranked 128th out of ALL of twitter. Now, I don't know how many people there are on Twitter, but Ashton Kutcher has about 3,981,856 followers which means that I ranked 128th out of OVER 3 million people. I know everyone on Twitter isn't following him. I'm not. While cursing is probably frowned upon and this shouldn't be something I'm proud of, the rebel in me is loving every bit of it.

CurseBird is a website where you type in your Twitter username to find out where you rank in cursing on Twitter. It includes a live feed of everyone's cursing with percentages and which curse words are use most often.

My profile on Twitter states the following:

I live up to my bio. I curse in about 92% of my tweets. I curse in emails, text messages, instant messages, all social networking sites, blogs, on the phone, in person, in research papers for school, on holiday greeting cards, etc. I try not to censor myself. Obviously I won't walk into my job, doctor's office, church, or grandma's 93rd birthday party cursing like a sailor. I know when it's inappropriate, and I'm still a lady. I don't speak like a rapper. I rarely use slang. I don't spit. [Note: it's taking everything in me to refrain from making a blow job reference]

(I had to do it)

I have some words that are off limits. I usually don't say "nigga" or "pussy". If other people say those words, I don't mind. I have to reach an extremely intense high level of arousal to say "pussy". It's very rare and I even blush when saying something like "Pussycat Dolls". "Nigga" is such a gutter word to me. It's very hardcore rapper-esque. I don't judge people who use the word. I'm perfectly fine with it. I can remember someone once saying that NOT saying "nigga" gives the word more power. It's true. Making certain words out to be so taboo gives those words a lot more power. It makes you a slave to other people's rules and beliefs. Interracial dating used to be taboo, but now it's so common that a lot people don't really care.

My sensitivity to criticism regarding my cursing comes from many years ago when a bible toting hypocrite told me that I shouldn't curse so much. I asked him why and his response was "you just shouldn't".........

oh damn...what a GREAT ANSWER! Why didn't I think of that? It's okay for you to be aroused if I say "I want you to pound my pussy hard and then take your dick out and shove it in my mouth like a tooth brush using your cum as toothpaste" but saying "goddamnit I locked the keys in the car" is off limits? Smoking, drinking, abortions, rap songs with cursing in the lyrics, sex out of wedlock, tattoos, piercings, and little white lies have ALL received your stamp of approval, but when I curse, it's bad? RIIIIIGHT!

A few months ago, my cursing-criticism sensitivity reached an all time high when a "friend" tweeted the following:

Now I've known this chick for like 10 years, but this tweet ended our "friendship". She was actually commenting on some award show where Lil Wayne was cursing, but I was SO disgusted with her comment. It's not the first time she's shared her disapproval of cursing, but it was definitely the last straw. I took offense to it because I curse. That's like me saying "procreating outside of your race shows self hatred" (obviously, this is just an example). She'd have EVERY right to be upset if I tweeted something like that because she has a mixed child. You cannot call someone classless if you're an admitted whore. Hell, some people could call smoking classless, but she shoves cigarettes down her throat at every turn.

What her tweet said to me was "Frankie, YOU'RE classless and YOU have a small vocabulary". It also said "I'm an idiot because Frankie is an English major with an extensive vocabulary, more class than I have in my left index finger, and I am threatened by her ability to speak in an uncensored manner that emphasizes her feelings."

...and it's true. I wholeheartedly believe that cursing adds emphasis to my feelings. Why do you add salt to your food? It enhances the taste. Why do you put rims on a car? Why do you add ring tones on your cell phone? What do some women wear weave? Why do you add flowers to your lawn?

so yes, I curse excessively. It's a part of who I am and I don't plan to stop any time soon. I'm going for TOP 20.


  1. TOP 20?


  2. im not happpy.why wasnt i number 2???



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