Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Munchies – Wheat Thins Artisan Cheese Crackers: Vermont White Cheddar

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Monday Munchies. You’d think that since it’s the holiday season we’d be devoting this space to holiday food. Thanksgiving leftovers? Hanukkah spreads? Christmas feasts? Kwanzaa buffets? Fetsivus tv dinners? Fruitcake?


Not here at Fish & Spaghetti, where we buck the trends. This is a place where we remain true to ourselves and promise to never sell out. Unless you’ve got $2000, in which case we’d gladly hand over the Fish & Spaghetti brand in it’s entirety and throw in Chet the Intern for free.

Where were we? Oh, that’s right it’s time for Monday Munchies.

Now if there are two things that I love it’s “crunchy” and “cheesy.” Seriously, ask Chet, the guy who takes my food orders and runs to the store for me; I’m a cheese eating fool. And when it comes to snacks the crunchier the better. If there’s a chance that jagged, tasty shards can lodge between my gums and teeth, I’m so there.

That’s why I my heart quietly jumped for joy when I first laid eyes on Wheat Thins Artisan Cheese line of crackers. Wheat Thins are probably tied with Triscuits for the cracker that holds the key to my heart. I really enjoy the texture of a Triscuit but I love the symmetry of Wheat Thins.

The problem with most crackers is that they generally lack the ability to satisfy on their own. Every cracker is made better by adding something. Sometimes it’s peanut butter or a dipping spread of some sort. Cheese is always the perfect compliment to any cracker.

Well those mad scientists back at Nabisco HQ could possibly have come up with the perfect stand-alone snack cracker.

It’s really difficult to know where to begin. I suppose it’s best to begin with the appearance. The hexagon shape of the crackers adds to it’s distinction, as does the cheese that’s actually baked onto the top of the cracker. The cracker looks intriguing and the taste doesn’t disappoint.

It’s possibly the best white cheddar flavor I’ve ever tasted. It’s strong without being overpowering. It’s sharp enough to get your attention, but doesn’t offend. It really is one of the best crackers that I’ve ever tasted.

In terms of texture, the cracker itself is actually thinner than a Wheat Thin. It’s maybe ¾ of the thickness of the original, which gives the cracker itself a lighter than air quality. It also makes the powerful flavor all the more impressive, since it’s found in a compact package.

Being the snack connoisseur that I am, I’ve been around the cracker block a few times. But I can say without a shadow of doubt that Wheat Thins Artisan Vermont White Cheddar crackers are officially my “go to” cracker. Furthermore, it’s going to take one hell of an impressive cracker to knock it off of its well-earned pedestal.

Go buy some. Now.

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