Friday, January 28, 2011


I know I'm late, but I'm slayed by this clip.  It looks like a crappy Sci-Fi channel rip off of The Terminator, but it's apparently the Highest Grossing Film Ever in India.

The hilarious clip above speaks for itself, but look at what entertainment journalist Ritesh wrote about it for Indias #1 Online Newspaper.

"Aishwarya Rai and Rajnikanth starrer Endhiran or Robot or Robo has finally seen daylight after months of breathless speculation and the good news is that it has lived upto all the stratospheric hype and expectations.

Firstly, being a Rajnikanth hurricane, this roaring and thundering film does no justice to the Law of Gravitation theorized by Sir Isaac Newton. And when Rajnikanth is there, you would be a naive to even think on those lines. Rules and laws, theorems and permutations resign themselves when the powerful Rajnikanth is in his ultimate mood and this film does exactly the kind of extravaganza that a dire Rajni devotee could hope for.

The story spins around a human-like robot (humanoid) created by Dr. Vasi but the plot wheels towards the lines of Frankenstein when he injects human emotions in the machine who eventually develops a cosy corner for the vivacious Aishwarya Rai who portrays Sana.

With colourful costumes, lavish designs, opulent sets and a spellbinding display of grandeur, it’s easy to see where has the whopping Rs 150 crore gone. And, as is the habit with Rajnikanth, he doesn’t disappoint. So, buy yourself a tub of popcorn and ram into the nearest cinema hall. Rajnikanth has thrown a bash and all are invited!"

That's the best review ever.  I'm going to be reaching out to this dude (or chick, who knows) and doing everything in our power to see if he/she can be the new international entertainment writer for Fish&Spaghetti.

You're welcome.

Bonus: The Greatest Indian Rip Off Ever!

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