Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remembering - My Phone

Recently I dropped my phone and it broke in half. Like, it's barely operable. I can't see who's calling me, I can't text. I can't even see what time it is. In fact, I don't think it has a purpose other than to frustrate me by reminding me of what it used to be able do.

And I'm not going to front instead of being angry, it made me laugh. Like a cliche out of an 80's cop flick, my phone was literally two days away from retirement, so the timing was pure comedy.

Looking at those two pieces of LG technology on the cold Baltimore pavement in the rain, felt strangely liberating. I wasn't going to have to dodge calls from work. I wasn't going to have to deal with annoying texts from co-workers who think they're being funny.

But on the other hand I've lost quite a few things too. I've lost dozens of texts that I've saved over the years. I had texts informing me of births. I had texts from Jay-1 that were seeds of ideas that could have grown into million dollar ideas.

I also lost tons of phone numbers. I'm really sort of ambivalent about that. I'm old enough to remember a time when you actually had to remember phone numbers, so the fact that I'd been so reliant on this piece of technology is rather humbling. It brought me down to earth in a sobering and abrupt way.

I'll miss this phone because it was my first camera phone. I didn't really have any good pictures on the phone, but I did have the technology literally at my fingertips, so I felt like I was living in the future.

The reason why I'm "remembering" my phone and not just replacing it is because I'm actually a week away from my contract with Verizon is expiring and I'm jumping ship to Sprint.

So I'll just have to spend these next several days of peace while my phone rests in pieces.

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  1. Haaaa happy new year in sprint hell !!! Cuz that's exactly what sprint is, the devil in a new dress ( no yeezy )



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