Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again; when people set themselves up for failure by creating unrealistic New Year's Resolutions.

But not us at Fish & Spaghetti. We are firmly grounded in reality and only made resolutions that we felt were feasible. And while I haven't actually narrowed mine down yet, I am willing with share my list with you.

Write More - I haven't had a television on three years and you'd think that would free me up being a more productive writer. Yeah, you'd be wrong. I've written zero screenplays and haven't even tried to do any freelancing.

Sure I did complete National Novel Writing Month twice, but really that's only two months out of thirty-six. I don't have television to distract me, so I might as well try to utilize that time in a productive manner. Or I could...

Get a TV - Then I'd have an excuse for not writing. Plus I'd be able to use my Wii again.

Impregnate a chick - Yeah, yeah, yeah; I certainly plan on wineing and dining the broad and sweeping her off her feet. But the endgame is knocking her up.

All of my friends seem to have kids and I'm sort of feeling left out. I've got cousins who are growing the family tree and I'm not contributing a bit. Plus I'm sure my mom would like to be a grandmother.

Get My Tattoo Finished - I got the outline for my tat done seven years ago. I've yet to get my coloring done. I know tattoo artists, I've got a high tolerance for pain and I've got enough expendable income to finish it, but I haven't. Maybe 2011 is the year.

Get The F&S Podcast Started - For the past six months we've been pretending to we were going to do an official F&S podcast. We'd meet at Stately Fish & Spaghetti Manor where tasteful appetizers would be present and we'd record something for you to enjoy.

But scheduling is always tricky. Still I think it'd be a fun project to try at least once.

Finish Building My Time Machine - I've been tinkering with this project off and on for about a decade. I've got a reliable power source and relatively willing test subjects.

The only bugs I've got are a way to stabilize and disperse the resultant energy and a way to determine exactly how far into the past or future I'd be sending things. But I think 2011 is the year that I crack those mysteries.

Visit the Planet of the Apes - I hear it's awesome. My friend Taylor said that when he got there he was literally speechless. Landon, another friend told me he had his mind blown there. I've always wanted to go and I'm hoping that this is the year that it happens.

Hopefully some of these things come to pass. I think they're all pretty realistic, so I may be able to knock them all off.


  1. I vote for "write more" and "podcast". I've got lunch hours I need to fill here.

    Also, if 1960s cinema has taught me nothing else, you can visit the Planet of the Apes by *building a time machine*. Just set it for the far-flung future and look for the rusty Lady Liberty. Two birds, one stone.

  2. Get the tattoo finished then blog about it. What does this outline look like? Isn't that tacky? SEVEN YEARS?!



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