Saturday, February 5, 2011

Skip Serpico's Concert Adventures - Robyn @ Ram's Head Live 2/1/11

I can't really explain why I chose to make Swedish singer Robyn my first concert of the year. I hadn't heard any of her critically acclaimed recent stuff. I'm not really a big fan of pop music.

But one of my cousins had been raving about her for the past few months. On various forms of social media he made posts proclaiming how deserving she was of a larger audience and how people should give her a shot.

So I saw she was coming to Ram's Head Live and decided to do just that.

Now my original plan was to hit up The Sound Garden and pick up her most recent stuff so that I'd at least have an idea what I was in for. But on Sunday I was too tired to go after work. Monday I didn't feel like leaving the crib and Tuesday was the day of the concert.

So I decided to go to the show, song unheard.

I figured I'm a fan of music, I might as well experience a concert completely in the, um, blind at least once. I mean to go to a show without knowing any songs, but with an open mind seemed like a good way to start the year. Plus when I hit up my cousin and asked his advice he supplied an emphatic "Yes."

When I go to Ram's Head Live, I've a place that I like to stand for the show. It's just right of center, maybe five or six people deep. I'm tall enough that only really tall people can obstruct my view and I don't really feel the next to be in the front row, so that's my spot. It's where I stood for Wale, Interpol, The Roots, Jenny and Johnny and The Dead Weather.

We'll take those free passes anytime Ram's Head, thanks.

But for this concert I entertained the idea of actually taking a seat by the bar. My ignorance of the songs and the acts made me apprehensive about taking up such valuable real estate. I also figured that I'd stick out like a sore thumb. Then I realized that I can't really break tradition, so I opted to plant myself in my usual area.

The first opener was Natalia Kills.

Her set was very short and super theatrical. She had two statuesque dancers and there was tons of acting.

Diamond Rings followed. His set began awkwardly, as he could hardly be described as smooth. But once he picked up his guitar his set improved dramatically.

When Robyn took the stage she owned like a rock star. The crowd went wild and the excitement quickly spread. People were singing along and she was really doing her thing.

Robyn had such command of the stage, and her breath. She was dancing up a storm, but never sounded winded. When there was a scuffle in the front row and security got involved, she didn't even miss a beat. And band looked sharp in their white lab technicians outfits. I was slayed.

It was really dope to see the transference of energy from performer to the audience and back. The crowd was so exited see her and she fueled her performance with that excitement. It was like the ante kept getting increased to the point where the level of energy in the room was extraordinary and like nothing I'd felt.

And that energy was contagious. Despite my ignorance, I couldn't help but be moved. Songs with simple hooks were sung along to while others had me feeling like a fool for not knowing the words. I can almost guarantee that if I did know the words to the songs, I'd have lost my voice.

Plus she played three encores. Three, like I said, I was slayed.

It was a really dope experience. I'm glad I had it. Going in completely unaware of what I was getting into and being open to it wasn't 100% easy, but it was totally worth it. I've since copped all three of Robyn's Body Talk releases and I would totally see her live again. She's puts on an amazing live show.

I'll tell you like my cousin told me; Robyn is the business and you need to give her a shot.

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