Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Music From Driz Lo

New music from Philadelphia bred spitter Driz.

He has a smooth delivery and a "I'm-a-regular-dude-from-around-the-way" kinda vibe about himself that's refreshing if you're tired of listening to rappers who tell you how much richer they are than you while threatening to shoot you before they make your girl blow them in a luxury sedan.

Check it out, the website and album, The Missing Element, should be dropping soon. 

"Dre (Drop it on the 1)"

Read more if you want the 2 other tracks, "Unusual Suspects", a cool posse cut featuring some other pretty dope MC's from Philly and "How Not To Get Robbed", a joint were Driz flexes his story telling abilities. All the tracks are produced by Kil who's done some work for MOP among others. 

Check it out.

"Unsual Suspects" Featuring Classic, Him Lo and Clever 1:

"How Not To Get Robbed"

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