Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five Shows We're Glad Are Not Available on Netflix Instant Queue

Netflix has devastated our free time.  We're talking an ugly back alley beatdown  involving elbows, brass knuckles and possibly a sock full of nickels.  It's ugly how much time we're spending glued to our respective and occasionally collective televisions.

But things could always be worse.

Case in point, there are some shows that lasted for multiple seasons which aren't available with the Instant Queue option.  We'll share with you five shows that could totally ruin any of our summer plans.

Quincy M.E. - Look, despite the fact that every February we at F&S predict the death of Jack Klugman, we really love the guy.  And that's one of the reasons why we're glad Quincy M.E. isn't available on Instant Queue; because we can't get enough of the guy.  

Other reasons; Quincy M.E. is awesome.  Murder.  Corpses.  An awesome theme song.  Quincy's assistant Sam.  Seriously, just writing this and thinking about the show has us lamenting the fact that we can't watch it right now.

Barnaby Jones - How cool is Buddy Ebsen?  The Beverly Hillbillies ends and he takes a year off before jumping back with the hit show Barnaby Jones.  That is star wattage.

Barnaby Jones was cool because it conformed to some cliches of the tv detective drama while rebelling against others.  Barnaby was a retired P.I. who came out of retirement to get justice for his slain son.  On the other hand Barnaby didn't drink anything stronger than milk.  Admit it; you're frustrated you can't experience this show for yourself.

The Odd Couple - Did you not understand when we said we couldn't get enough Jack Klugman?  Seriously, we are diehard Klugmaniacs.

But we also love (and sorely miss) the late Tony Randall.  We met the guy once and it was one of the realest moments of our lives.  So, yeah, if we had the chance to watch The Odd Couple featuring two of our favorite actors of all time, we'd do nothing else.

The Bob Newhart Show - Being the students of comedy that we are, we've got the upmost respect for Bob Newhart.  In addition to directly influencing us, he's influenced us indirectly by influencing some of our favorite comics.

Um, plus the show was darn funny.  It featured sitcom director Peter Bonerz in front of the camera and The Simpsons' Edna Krabapple as Bob's receptionist.  Also, it's a damn funny show.    

Police Story - It's a cop show.  It's an anthology.  It's a precursor to the modern cop ensemble.  It's Police Story, the best show you've never heard of.

Ok, we'll admit that of all the shows we've listed, this is the one we've seen the fewest episodes of.  That's why we wish this show was on Netflix; we've only seen glimpses of it's glory and we want more.

We implore you; if any of you readers have the chance to watch only of these show you should drop everything and jump at it.  Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

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