Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trailer Tuesday - Our Idiot Brother, Colombiana and More!

I've been rewatching the last three season of The Shield lately and I'm still in awe that Forest Whitaker was snubbed by the Emmy's for his performance as Jon Kavanaugh.  He stole season five from Vic Mackey.

Apart from that, things have been rather mellow.  Let's get into it, shall we?

Our Idiot Brother

What They Say: It's about three sisters (Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks) who their aloof and naive brother (Paul Rudd) invades their lives.  It's a taut suspense/thriller.

I'm kidding, it's a comedy.

Reasons To Pay:  Paul Rudd is a funny dude.  Ned, the character Rudd plays, seems like an interesting and liable character.  Deschanel and Banks are usually symbols of quality material.  Oh, and so is Adam Scott. Plus; who doesn't want to see Rashida Jones play another racially nebulous role? Also the guy who sends Ned to jail is quietly one of my favorite things about Fight Club.    

Reasons To Stay: That Michael Franti song is a mood killer.  The song is totally played out and a crass attempt at reaching a wider audience...and it did.  I really hate that song.  Ok, maybe I am tired of seeing Rashida Jones transcend race on the big screen.

At The End of the Day: The trailer totally sells me on the movie.  I mean I was down on the premise and the strength of the cast, especially Rudd.  But rounding things out with Scott, Jones and the airport security guy from Fight Club totally seals the deal.  I'm in!


What They Say: After witnessing her parents killed before her very eyes Zoe Saldana trains, with the aide of her trusty domestic Alfred uncle, to become Batman a professional killer .

Reasons To Pay:  Zoe Saldana is a talented actress, who's easy on the eyes.  Not only does Jesse from Fame play her father, but Smiley from Training Day plays her uncle.  And apparently Sol from Snatch is involved somehow too.  It looks very action-y.

Reasons To Stay: I didn't really care for the the referencing other movies (The Professional, Taken.)  I'm kind of revenged out right now.

At The End of the Day: As much as I love Jesse, Smiley, Sol and Zoe this is one of those movies I need to be in the mood to see and I don't see myself being in that mood anytime soon.

Tower Heist

What They Say: It's a comedy caper about working stiffs seeking revenge against a Wall Street swindler.  Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy lead an all-star cast.

Reasons To Pay: Alan Alda. Michael Pena. Matthew Broderick. Casey Affleck.  Even Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller seem funny.  The last time Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick were in the same movie it was awesome*.  Casey Affleck's heist history is pretty solid.

Reasons To Stay:  I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a comedy starring either Ben Stiller or Eddie Murphy, so them together seems doubly bad.  I honestly couldn't figure out why the trailer wasn't grabbing me and then these words flashed across the screen; "A Brett Ratner Film."  Check please.

At The End of the Day: I'm convinced Brett Ratner has the uncanny ability to bring the most offensive performance out of his Black actors.  And a plot that manages to be both topical (Wall Street Swindler) and offensive (a group of (mostly) white guys learn crime from a Black guy.  It's like a a Bizarro version of The Help or Dangerous Minds. I'll pass.

The End

Next Week: Maybe The Dark Knight Rises? Possibly The Debt (is that even what it's called?) And if there's another movie title that begins with "D" that's a safe bet too.

*Um, The Cable Guy?

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