Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trailer Tuesday - Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Change-Up and More!

Welcome back to Trailer Tuesday, my desperate attempt to write off a gadget as a business expense.

It's hot. I'm sleepy. Let's jump into it.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

What They Say: Um, it's the prequel to the what is perhaps films greatest franchise (rivaled only by the Death Wish films.)

Reasons To Pay: Performance capture work by Andy Serkis, James Franco is immensely likable, Danny Hunter from MI5 and Draco Malfoy both show up as does that chick from that critically acclaimed movie that I've never seen.  Also; it's the prequel to the greatest franchise ever to grace celluloid.

Reasons To Stay: There's no reason not to see this movie.  Maybe if you had to undergo emergency surgery it might be acceptable to miss this movie.  

At The End of the Day: I haven't geeked out like this about a movie since The Watchmen, which totally caused my inner fanboy to jizz in his pants.  I love Planet of the Apes more than you can imagine and I literally can't wait to see this movie.  

The Change-Up

What They Say: It's an R-rated comedy in the body-switching genre.  This time a married guy and a single guy switch bodies.  Hilarity is expected to ensue.  It's also a repairing of Smokin' Aces co-stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, albeit they're sharing the screen with decidedly fewer R&B singers and rappers this time out.    

Reasons To Pay:  Jason Bateman.  I'm positive it's the lingering affects of Arrested Development, but I really want him to succeed.  And he looks to be really funny in role.  Leslie Mann is also generally good.  

Reasons To Stay: Ryan Reynolds.  He helped ruin Green Lantern (along with the writers, director and who wasn't named "Mark Strong" or "Peter Sarsgaard.)  It might be his Canadian-ness, but I think I hate him.  I find it impossible to find him entertaining.  Also, the whole "married guy vs single guy" juxtaposition is well worn territory...on tv, it'll take more than racy language to liven it up on the big screen.  

At The End of the Day: It's a toss up.  I could probably be convinced to check it out if a) I thought I was helping Jason Bateman's career and b) if I were attending with someone else who loved him in Arrested Development...or Teen Wolf Too.

Project Nim

What They Say: It's a documentary about the wacky 1970's, when a scientist decided to give a chimpanzee to a family to raise as a person.

Reasons To Pay: It's got chimps interacting with humans and communicating with them, via sign language.   It's sure to be a snapshot of the kooky 70's (a woman breastfeeding a chimpanzee?)  It's also guaranteed to be an engrossing and heartwarming story.

Reasons To Stay: It's also guaranteed to end badly.  It's a chimp and humans. While it may not end with the tearing off of someone's face, it almost assuredly will not end "happily ever after" which means I'll likely get emotional.

At The End of the Day: I'll likely check it out.  Rumor has it that it'll be hitting the Charles Theater soon, which is just down the street from Casa de Serpico.  Plus, c'mon; it's about a chimp and humans.

The End

Next Week: Battleship and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Probably.

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  1. Just saw an ad for The Change-Up that consisted an announcer playing up the swap by mixing up the actors names ("Ryan Bateman is Jason Reynolds") over goofy character shots.

    Oy vey.



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