Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five More Products from Back To The Future We Want To Own

So the word around the web is that later today Nike will announce the awesome Air Mag kicks from Back to the Future II will soon be hitting the market.

You know the Air Mags?  Marty McFly II's joints with the Power Laces?  Yeah, they're about to become a reality.

Well here are five other products from Back to the Future that we totally want to see on the market.

Marty Jr's Jacket - Ok, not his actual jacket because his had a malfunctioning sleeve.  But we want a jacket with adjusting sleeves that can also dry itself.  I mean if we're wasting the current technology we have by taking x-rays of Kim Kardashian's butt, we should really be investing in the future.

Hoverboards - We're still not 100% sure how these things were supposed to work.  Was it magnets?  We forget.  But we know that we want one.  And while our sense of equilibrium  isn't what it once was, we are sure that we'd totally master this new mode of transportation.

Griff's Bat - Telescoping is always cool and Griff's bat telescoped.  Plus if we had Griff's bat we could finally realize our dream Halloween costume; a mash up between Back to the Future and The Warriors.  How awesome would it be to see a Baseball Fury with a futuristic bat?

Oh La La -We're not going to lie; we can't get enough of scantily clad women.  But this magazine would serve a couple purposes other than that.  It would be cool to read the articles.  And it would also illustrate a point to Chet that he doesn't know how good he has it when it comes to images of naked women.  Back in our day, we had to have actual hard copies of porn.

Mandarin Orange Slice - This would be dope because it's both futuristic and a throwback.  Not only does "Mandarin Orange Slice" no longer exist as a flavor, but Slice as a brand is limited to Wal-Mart.  Yup, it's a futuristic throwback, wrap your head around that.

Bonus: Doc Brown's Radiation Suit - This is a personal one for me.  I'm a huge fan of one-pieces and jumpsuits.  Getting my hands on one of Doc Brown's Radiation Suits would be like my holy grail.  I doubt there'd be a huge market for it, but golly, a guy can dream, can't he?

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