Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Face-Off - Gus Fring vs Hank Schrader

They've been two of the most riveting characters to watch this season on Breaking Bad.  They're also two of the most diametrically opposed characters on the show; if you're rooting for one that means you're rooting against the other.

We at Fish & Spaghetti are torn; should be be Team Hank or Team Gus?  We figured we'd dust off the ol' Friday Face-Off to help settle things.

What's that, you'd forgotten about the Friday Face-Off? Don't sweat it, we won't take it personally.  Would you care for a shot of Zafiro Anejo?  C'mon, even the bottle's a work of art.

As usual we'll be judging the Gus and Hank in three different categories; Relationship with Walter White, Cartel Encounters and Signature Product.

Relationship with Walter White

The show is about Walter White, which basically means that every other character relates, in some way, to him.  But with Gus and Hank it's almost like Walt is caught between the two of them.

Hank's relationship with Walt is very much like a typical in-law relationship; there's little in common and often times it feels like an obligation.  Hank helps Walt move.  Walt helps Hank with an off the books investigation of Gus Fring. Little does he know that Walt is the guy he really wants behind bars.

Gus' relationship with Walt is a bit more complex. Gus needed Walt to cook meth for him.  And when Walt became more of a problem Gus opted to kill him and replace him with Gale, a plan that Walt and Jesse thwarted.  Now, once again, Walt has outlived his usefulness and once again Gus wants him dead.

No matter how you cut it, Hank has the better relationship with Walt.  Sure, it's built on lies and deception but at least Hank doesn't want Walt dead.

Advantage: Hank

Cartel Encounters

Hank's had a few runs with The Cartel.  First off, while looking for Walt, he met Hector Salamanca and killed Tuco Salamanca.  After that Hank went off to El Paso where he helped broker a deal with Tortuga for information on The Cartel.  Of course that deal went sour and ended up with the slaughter of several DEA agents and Hank getting a severe case of PTSD.  Finally Hank was targeted for death Leonel and Marco Salamanca.  He not only survived but killed Marco.

Gus's history with The Cartel goes back decades.  Twenty years ago Hector Salamanca killed Gus' lover/business partner Max when they were trying to expand the Los Pollos Hermanos "enterprise."  Gus orchestrated the death of Cartel capo Juan Bolsa Gus also withstood attempts by The Cartel to disrupt his distribution network.   Finally Gus avenged Max's death and took out Don Eladio and several capos by poisoning them, and himself.

While Hank has managed to survive all of his encounters with The Cartel, Gus eliminated two Cartel leaders even going as far as to put is life on the line to do it.  And more importantly, Gus did it for love. (Sort of.)

Advantage: Gus

Signature Product

Sure Hank's job is with the DEA and he's got investigation in his blood.  And recently he's become a bit of a rock mineral enthusiast.  But his passion is with brewing.  Hank pours his heart into Schraderbrau, the microbrew he creates in his garage.  He's created labels and even bottles the stuff himself.  It's truly a labor of love for him.

And while people might think that Gus' signature product is the blue crystal, it's not.  Sure the blue crystal is immensely more pure than any biker crank on the market, but his signature product is Los Pollos Hermanos chicken. They use the freshest herbs and spices.  The finest ingredients are brought together with loving care, then slow cooked to perfection.  The result is chicken that is so zesty and piquant, it's possibly the best chicken in North America.

While we're sure that both Schraderbrau and Los Pollos Hermanos chicken go great together, Los Pollos Hermanos quite literally brings more to the table.

Advantage: Gus

So there you have it.  While Hank has a better relationship with Walt, Gus not only has won his run ins with The Cartel but chicken from his Los Pollos Hermanos is unbeatable.  We're Team Gus all the way.

So enjoy it Gustavo, because we're pretty sure you're not going to survive the season.

 Next Week: Better use of Damon Wayans Jr in an all white cast; New Girl or Happy Endings?

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