Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wild Pitch Wednesday - The Hangover 3

From what I've heard the second Hangover was an absolute retread of the original.  It was uninspired even by sequel standards.
Still, it was a success which means that it's only a matter of time until The Hangover 3 hits theaters.

Well, allow Fish & Spaghetti to take the first stab at pitching out a potential plot for the inevitable blockbuster.  And I've got a way to ensure that it'll be the blockbuster to end all blockbusters.

So we start off with Stu, Phil, Alan and Doug prepping to go on an Virgin Galactic Flight for Alan's birthday.  Stu is a bit excited and Phil is just going along for the ride.  Oh and Doug is there because once again they need someone to look for in the next two acts.  There's the usual teasing and jocular talk between the guys..

Naturally there would be pre-take off jitters which would require some relaxation pills, provided by Sir Richard Branson.  Between the pills and the physical stress of leaving the atmosphere, everyone loses consciousness.

When they wake up, the space plane has landed and only Stu, Phil and Alan are still on the it.  They step outside of the plane and wander around a bit, all the time bickering about how this is yet another mess they've gotten involved in.  And then they're accosted by a talking ape.

That's right, they've landed on the Planet of the Apes.

From there not only do they have to rescue Doug, but they've got to find a way to get off of the Planet of the Apes.  And hilarity ensures when, because of his hirsute nature, the Apes believe that Alan is a mentally challenged ape. (See what I did there with the sophomoric humor?)  And while a Chow appearance would be forced, if you have him play Doctor Zaius, you keep the original conceit intact.

As for the obligatory celebrity roles, you can pretty much pick and choose. Virgin Galactic is a space flight, only the super cool and super rich are going to be jumping on that thing.

Boom.  There you have it.  You marry two of the past summer's biggest hits together in one sequel.  You get Planet of the Apes, but played for laughs with a hard "R" rating.  And you also get to spin The Hangover franchise into a new direction a self aware one.

I'm telling you The Hangover 3 would (and should) be out of this world.

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