Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Munchies - Rold Gold Peppermint Dipped Snowflakes

Sorry about my absence, but life tossed me a wicked curveball which kept me too preoccupied write much last week.  Basically the time I'd usually spend writing was spent sleeping as a result of exhaustion.

But let's start this week off on a good note, shall we?

I honestly can't think of a better way to start things off than with a tasty snack.

As I'm sure that by now you're aware that two of my favorite attributes in snacks are "crunchy" and "salty."  For instance, back home there's a snack called a saladito which is basically just a dried and salted prune.  I miss them dearly.

It's just that the whole salty/crunchy dynamic can be hard to deliver on.  Some things are too salty while others don't quite back the crunch I desire.

Well Rold Gold's Peppermint Dipped Snowflakes totally delivers on both the crunchy and the salty.  Furthermore, they're sweet.  And they're peppermint.  Oh, and they're delicious.

For something that packs so much flavor it's actually delivered in a small messenger.  We're literally talking about "peppermint flavored white fudge coated pretzels."  But the taste sensation is so much more than that.

When you first put one in your mouth and bite down, immediately you get the peppermint. It's not oppressively strong, but it's present.  Then you get the sweetness of white fudge.  While that peppermint flavor and sweetness are mixing, the saltiness of the pretzel begins to come out, which really compliments the flavors forming.

I've honestly never had something bite-size that took me such a journey.

What's more; they're addictive.  Once you eat one, you're ready for the next.  And because they're so small you end up running through an entire bag before you realize it.  This is one snack food that require pacing.

I'm guessing they're a Rold Gold Peppermint Dipped Snowflakes are a "limited time" affair, so if you see some you should certainly grab a bag or two.

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