Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolutions 2012

Look, I know it's the 10th, but when you're looking at ways of improving yourself over the next twelve months, I've found that it's best not to rush things.  You don't want to end up with lame resolutions like "lose weight" or "go to the gym."

So I held off on painting myself into a corner of mediocrity and instead opted for painting myself into a corner office with a secretary and a view.  Boom!  Suck on that, squares!

Go to the Doctor - I haven't been to visit a doctor in over a decade. Yeah, 9/11 changed everything, including my interest in my health and wellbeing.

But I figure that with healthcare being such a pressing issue for most Americans and possibly an issue that defines the next Presidential election, I should probably see what all the fuss is about.  So I plan on a) finding a doctor b) paying a visit and c) getting the full work up.  I want blood tests, cat scans, MRIs, pap smears and paternity tests. I want a battery of tests.

Get an iPhone - My biggest regret in life is that I never gave Steve Jobs my money for an iPhone while he was still alive.  I've got my MacBook Pro and my AppleTV, but I'm really only missing the iPhone.

And now that Sprint has the iPhone I've got no excuse for not having one.  So, my plan is to totally get one for myself around Valentine's Day.  It's going to be my gift to myself, because I figure if you're going to throw away a wad of cash on February 14, you might as well invest in something you're going to use everyday and will keep around for a couple years.  

Clean the Blog of Clutter - Seriously, have you looked around this place?  I'm pretty sure that some of the "Blogs We Like..." are defunct.  I know for a fact that our tags could be updated and possibly culled.  I'm also betting that we could probably refresh the "Important Posts" column.

So, yeah, expect some blog-cleaning within the next 12 months.

Give Rick Ross a Shot - For years Jay1 has been pestering me to "give Rick Ross a shot."  Literally years.  I want to say that first he tried to sell me on Rick Ross' beats.  I think I was complaining about the lack of sampling and the prevalence of synth beats, and his pitch went "you'd like Rick Ross, he's got those beats you want to hear. "

Like six months later, I was commenting on how wack most of the emcees out at the time were, to which Jay1 responded "you need to get up on Rick Ross, he's a pure spitter."

And from that point on, every six months, Jay1 would offer up Rick Ross as the cureall for my Hip-Hop blues.  Well, 2012 is the year I follow his advice.  Probably.

Read Decoded - So, I bought Jay-Z's tome when it was released.  I bought it for a couple of reasons.  I wanted to support Jay-Z.  I also wanted to look cool if anyone happened to come over to Casa de Serpico and glanced at my coffee table.

The thing is, I never read the book.  I tried, by flipping though Jay-Z "decoding" one of his songs.  He lost me by trying to puff up the complexity of his rhymes and meanings.  I literally scoffed while reading it.

Since putting it down, I've picked up and finished the 656 page Live From New York, detailing the origins and history of Saturday Night Life.  But I really think 2012 is the year that I give Decoded another shot.  And I'll probably milk it for blog material too.

Finish My Great American Novel - Everyone's got a novel in them and mine is the next great American novel. It will be taught in college courses around the globe and will be the new standard by which all other novels are judged.

It's basically completely written. The only thing is that I don't have names for any of the characters. They're called "Male 1" and "Female 1" and so on. I just can't come up with names that really capture who the character are. So, 2012 is the year that I name the characters in my novel. And hopefully get published.

And there you have my Resolutions for 2012.  They're bound to make me a better person, if only because it'd be rather difficult for me to be a worse one.

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