Sunday, February 26, 2012

Skip's Oscar Picks!

Having just wrapped AMC's Best Picture Showcase, I now feel that I'm well informed enough to give you my Oscar Picks.

I know, it's late, but c'mon; the faster we get through this the faster we can say that we've done it and go on with our lives.  Deal?

Supporting Actress

Apart from Janet McTeer, I've seen all of the performances.  Unfortunately, from what I hear McTeer is the frontrunner.  But I'll go ahead and give my thoughts.  I wasn't overly impressed Octavia Spencer.  Melissa McCarthy is just nominated to show how "in touch" the Academy is.  Jessica Chastain is interesting because, when contrasted with her work in The Tree of Life, you see what she did.

But I'm pulling for Berenice Bejo.  Not only do I have a major crush on her (like seriously crushing hard) but she managed to shine in a silent movie.  She's completely believable in the character and almost steals the show.

Who I Want To Win: Berenice Bejo

Who I Think Will Win: Janet McTeer

Supporting Actor

This category is tougher in that I've only seen von Sydow and Jonah Hill's performances.  Of those two I'd have to go with von Sydow, just because Jonah's out of his league here.

Who I Want To Win: Max von Sydow

Who I Think Will Win: Christopher Plummer


This is another tough category in that I've only seen one of the nominated performances; Viola Davis'.  I hated The Help, but I kind of root for her, a bit.  Sort of.

Meryl Streep is tough to beat, but it's neither Michelle Williams nor Glenn Close's first rodeo.  It is Rooney Mara's though.  I'm going with Close because I think she's due.

Who I Want To Win: Glenn Close

Who I Think Will Win: Glenn Close


Since I've seen three of the performances, I'm much more confident about this category.  I want to discount Brad Pitt right off the bat because the only difference between Brad Pitt in Moneyball and Brad Pitt in anything else is that he's chewing tobacco.  If we're nominating people for doing more of the same, Owen Wilson should've been nominated for Midnight in Paris.

I don't know if Clooney did enough to warrant the Oscar gold this year.  I'm surprised this is Gary Oldman's first nomination.  I think Jean Dujardin is the frontrunner, but I'm pulling for Demian Bechir in a film I've yet to see.  I'm unpredictable like that.

Who I Want To Win: Demian Bechir

Who I Think Will Win: Jean Dejardin


Out of the box I'm knocking Woody Allen and Alexander Payne off.  Midnight in Paris and The Descendants didn't really impress me all that much, despite their semi-exotic locales.

For me it's a race between Michel Hazanavicius, Martin Scorsese and Terrence Malick.  The Tree of Life was a tad "artistic" which might turn voters off. But The Artist and Hugo could appeal to the same voters, splitting the vote.  Which means the race might be wide open.

Who I Want To Win: Martin Scorsese

Who I Think Will Win: Alexander Payne (maybe)


I've seen them all.  I hated War Horse and The Help.  I honestly don't think Moneyball, Midnight in Paris or The Descendants were worthy of being nominated.  I appreciated The Tree of Life, but it's highly divisive.

My heart tells me Hugo should win.  But again, The Artist is vying for the same votes which may mean a split.  Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close did a fine job with a tricky subject.  And I wouldn't be mad if any of those three took home the night's biggest prize.

Who I Want To Win: Hugo

Who I Think Will Win: The Artist

And there you have it.  Another year, another set of F&S Oscar Picks.  Will I learn from my mistakes next year and get things done before the 11th hour?  Probably not.

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