Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Quarterback – Lindsay Lohan & Jack White

First off, why am I just realizing that Paul Brittain isn’t on the show anymore? A quick net search reveals that he left the show in January? Well that sucks because he was certainly a Fish & Spaghetti favorite. He will be missed.

Collectively Fish & Spaghetti was worried when he heard Lindsay returning to SNL to host. She’s more famous for her infamous deeds than for any talent she have at one time possessed. In fact here’s what I texted Jay1 as the show began;

“Gearing up for a trainwreck on SNL.”

Here's our handy guide to our rating system;

Phil Hartman – Comedic gold
Chris Farley – Definitely funny, but kinda messy
Norm MacDonald – Funny, but not for everyone
Tim Meadows – Solid Bit
Andy Samberg – Funny, but overstayed it’s welcome
Jim Breuer- Crowd pleaser, but a bit obvious
David Spade – Trying too hard
Chris Elliot – Didn’t click at all, how did it get on

Fox Report with Shepard Smith – I like Bill Hader. I like his impression of Smith, especially the creepy aspects of the guy. At times it borders on mugging, but Hader keeps it pretty well reigned in. While I enjoy Jason Sudekis’ Mitt Romney, I wish there was more to it than him being aloof, but then again it might be a knock on Romney being two dimensional. Anyway the stuff with his sons was creepy fun. And the Andy Samberg’s Kid Rock was interesting

Rating: Andy Samberg, Jim Breuer

Monologue – I appreciate that Lindsay can take being the butt of the joke. And props for them for tackling it head on. The appearance by Jimmy Fallon and cameo by Jon Hamm really helped. It should be noted the heavy lifting in this monologue was done by everyone not named Lindsay Lohan. Very telling.

Rating: Jim Breuer, Tim Meadows

Real Housewives of Disney – This was a funny bit. They totally got the look and the format of the franchise down. Giving the Princesses the various reality show personalities was perfect. And the addition of the gay Prince Charming was a nice touch.

Rating: Tim Meadows

2012 Psychic Awards – This felt like a skit that had been sitting around forever and finally got dusted off for this episode. It’s a funny bit. The look of the psychics were hilarious as was the premise of them already knowing the outcome. The pre-death montage was obviously right up our alley. But it felt weird to have this sketch, where the host was barely a prop, the third thing on.

Rating: Tim Meadows

Scared Straight – I love this sketch. I love it every time it comes on and I’ll be really sad when a) it’s retired or b) Keenan leaves. I love the formula of the movie plots, the prison reality and Lorenzo’s apology/analogy. Oh and I also love the breaking. Having it feature Lindsay and Lindsay was fun, but she nearly ruined the sketch. She couldn’t remember the plot to The Parent Trap? Her reading was disgusting. But seeing everyone lose it when Hader jumped on the desk brought me back.

Rating: Chris Farley

Jack White Performance #1 – First off, I dig female drummers. And I dig the fact that Jack’s band is completely female. He’s like a modern day Robert Plant, only talented. This song rocks and I can’t wait for Jack’s solo album to come out next month.

Weekend Update – Seth did his thing this week (as always.) Some of my favorite punchlines were the Juggalo vote and chimpanzee Jesus. I enjoyed Hader’s James Carville, who he has completely down. Once again, he borers on mugging, but given it’s Carville it’s acceptable. He killed it with the Harry Connick Jr bit, especially when he went all one-eyed. The Snooki bit was ok, but the appearance by Hamm really saved it for me.

Delinquent Girl Teen Gang – As a general rule I enjoy sketches where one character is the anomaly; either they’re aware something wrong or they’re the only ones who don’t get it. Fred Arimsen really sold this bit. I liked the unsophisticated throwing of the dummy. I will say that it seems like a difficult sketch to wrap you head around; “a parody of 50’s movies where one character repeatedly gets hit by a car.” Also, note the lack of reliance on Lindsay Lohan.

Rating: Chris Farley

SNL Digital Short – Well, it was digital and it was a short. I liked the sound of the song, though I’d have to hear it again to get any of the lyrics. It was silly and Keenan killed it for me with the popping in with the various instruments.

Rating: Norm MacDonald

B108 – Morning shows are always ripe for parody. The idea of a Hip-Hop centric morning show hosted by two obnoxious white guys is pretty funny. I liked Vanessa Bayer as the straight man of the bit. Lindsay also did probably her best performance of the night in this sketch. It didn’t slay me, but it also didn’t annoy me.

Rating: Tim Meadows

Chantix – It’s a repeat. Our original take is over here.

Megan the Homesitter – Every week the writers toss something on that’s anchored by Wiig and relies heavily on her performances. I might was well be written “enter Kristen Wiig, who does something funny.” That is this sketch. If you can get past the laziness, it’s not that bad. Wiig’s character switching from panic to calmly resuming the tour was pretty funny. But it’s still “that sketch.”

Rating: Andy Samberg, Jim Breuer

Verizon Commercial – I loved this parody. I loved the jargon and the sales-speak. Hader really sold it as the pitching salesman. And Armisen as the lost customer was perfect.

Rating: Phil Hartman

Jack White Performance #2 – How dope is it that Jack White has two different bands backing him on SNL? And this band was just as good as the first one. I liked how this song rocked more than the first one and how Jack bounced across the stage. I can’t wait to see him when he inevitably tours in support of the album.

Rude Buddha – Jay1 pointed out that this sketch, with the intro and theme song was a throwback to the early 90’s sketches. But it was so wack. I get how cool “rude Buddha” sounds, but this might as well been named Fratboy Buddha. I expect more from a 5 to 1 sketch.

Rating: Andy Samberg, Jim Breuer

A Weird Guy By A Fire – These two bits were awesome! I loved Sudekis and the long pause in the initial one and the follow up delivered on the original with equal nuttiness.

Rating: Norm MacDonald.

Final Thoughts: I’m still pissed that I just realized Paul Brittain was gone. This episode was pretty solid given they were saddled with Lindsay Lohan. It honestly felt like they weren’t relying on Lindsay for a couple of reasons; 1) she’s not reliable 2) she’s lost her talent and 3) they wanted to hedge their bets in case she had to drop out. Lindsay was really only pivotal in the Scared Straight sketch. Apart from that, any female could have filled in for her any sketch. Also Jay1 noted that Jon Hamm made more appearances in the episode than Jay Pharoah did.

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