Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Movie Week – Wanderlust

I dig comedy.  I’ve got fond memories of going to a casino and catching a midnight showing of Wedding Crashers or some other raunchy comedy back when I lived in Las Vegas.  Good times. 

But I can’t front; I was skeptical about Wanderlust.  I can’t put my finger on it. 

No wait, I totally can; Jennifer Aniston. 

I think Jennifer Aniston is possibly the most overrated actor of her generation.  And this is not just because I remember back when she was Ferris Bueller’s sister.  I can sort of get how she became “America’s Sweetheart” from Friends.  It was a popular show and her character was on it. 

But I think one of the problems I have with Jennifer Aniston is the devotion of her fans and how they still proudly proclaim themselves “Team Jennifer” as opposed to “Team Angelina.” 

Real talk; that battle was lost years ago.  Get over it.

And this has extended to Jennifer Aniston’s film career.  She was decent in The Good Girl.  She actually impressed me in Derailed.  But I find her so unfunny as an actress that I actually blocked the fact that she was in Office Space, out of my memory.  I literally forgot she was in Office Space, a movie I have fond memories of. 

So that’s one of the reasons why I semi avoided Wanderlust.  But I regret that now, because Wanderlust is damn funny. 

Obviously I should have allowed the comedic pedigree of Wanderlust to overpower my disdain for Aniston.  David Wain and the rest of comedic cohorts can basically do no wrong.  The State, along with The Ben Stiller Show, were sketch comedy shows that I identified as my own, so I’ve got fond memories of their humor.  And Wanderlust is full of it. 

Paul Rudd is pretty much comedy gold and Justin Theroux is essentially good in anything he does.   Also Lauren Ambrose has gotten extremely hot in the years since Six Feet Under.  Like distractingly hot.  Even with her prosthetic pregnancy.  I’ve said too much. 

But seriously, she’s hot. 

So, yeah, Wanderlust is a funny movie that just goes to show you can’t judge a movie based on the fact that Jennifer Aniston’s in it.  

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