Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Munchies – Ben & Jerry’s Truffle Trifecta

Yeah, I know; I update sporadically at best.   I almost feel like I should apologize for that, but I’m not going to.  I’ve had an interesting year, to say the least, and honestly this place hasn’t been a pressing concern. 

That said, when I see a new flavor of ice cream, you know I’m going to offer up my thoughts on it.  And since I recently moved to a new neighborhood with a Walgreen’s just around the corner, I realized an elusively exclusive flavor was within my reach. 

While I knew I’d find an exclusive flavor at Walgreen’s originally I thought it was going to be a Häagen-Dazs flavor.  Then remembered that the accursed Walmart also had an exclusive and it was probably there where I’d find the Häagen-Dazs flavor (since Ben & Jerry’s offer up Target exclusives.) 

I can’t front; I was mildly disappointed.  I was looking forward to the Häagen-Dazs exclusive.  Ben & Jerry’s exclusives tend to either impress or disappoint, with few settling into that middle ground.  Knowing it was a Ben & Jerry’s exclusive flavor didn’t really fill me with confidence in an impressive experience. 

When I found it I was felt a mixture of emotions.  On one hand I was happy to have another new flavor to try.  But on the other hand it was indeed Ben & Jerry’s.  And that’s how hooked up with Truffle Trifecta. 

Truffle Trifecta is described as chocolate ice cream with a trio of truffles; caramel, chocolate and marshmallow. 

I’ve mentioned time and time again that I’m not a fan of chocolate bases.  Unfortunately this flavor doesn’t have anything to cut the chocolate flavor, like a swirl of any kind.  But what it does have is plenty of truffles.  There are enough truffles that you can easily get one in every bite you take. 

Unfortunately the truffles vary in quality.  Obviously I’m biased against the fudge truffles, but they do provide a nice texture variation.  The marshmallow truffles are uniquely flavored, but sadly the flavor is always overwhelmed by the chocolate base.  The caramel truffles have a stronger flavor, but still, the base overwhelms it. 

Basically Truffle Trifecta is chocolate ice cream with a pinch of caramel and a hind of marshmallow.  Not bad if that’s what you’re looking for, but not great if you’ve been looking forward to trying a new exclusive flavor.  

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